Top 10 Uncommon Metaphysical Powers

If you’ve ever willed a friend to recover from illness and they did, or you had some sort of strange control over one of the elements, then you might be lucky enough to have a metaphysical power.

10 Most Uncommon Metaphysical Powers


The fact is that people all around the world are searching for answers about who they are, where they really come from and why they are here on Earth right now. But the most frequent question seems to be “what is my life purpose?”

It’s those people that question their existence that begin recognizing or even receiving, some sort of psychic or metaphysical ability. That’s when the questions really start piling up too.

Metaphysical abilities can differ from person to person as well as differing within each ability.

What’s more, the lines that define the abilities are becoming blurred, with many an ability dipping into another, or one label or term defining multiple abilities. But it’s no longer about terms or labels – all these abilities are becoming one and it’s all about experiencing the energy and using that energy for the greater good of others.

Awakening Abilities

However, there are those people awakening their abilities who may well find resistance from those around them. This can be very frustrating and you may even find yourself questioning your own sanity or feeling somewhat alone.

But you’re not alone. As a whole, the human race over the last decade or so has been experiencing a global awakening at an increasing rate. We’re starting to acknowledge our spiritual rights to be ourselves and to combine universal energies. We are so much more than merely three dimensional beings.

If you’re just starting to seek answers about your metaphysical skills, you’ve likely been doing so or experiencing aspects of your metaphysical ability your entire life, in one way or another. Have a read of the following 10 uncommon metaphysical powers and see if they fit in with anything you’re experiencing.

Top 10 Uncommon Metaphysical Powers

1. Pyrokinesis

Is the gift of heat manipulation with only the use of your mind. This fascinating psychic ability allows you to increase the speed of vibrations that naturally occur in atoms, in a way that changes temperature. It is possible for the temperature to change to the point that it ignites, but this takes a lot of training. At the lower end of the Pyrokinesis spectrum, one can master the ability to move the flame of a candle backwards and forwards. At the higher end of the spectrum, someone may master the ability to extinguish a flame or make it relight by means of only the mind.

2. Electrokinesis

Is the ability to influence electrical fields with only the power of your mind. A master of this power is able to manipulate electrical currents, energy, and generate electricity with only their mind. People with this power have also noted that they are able to conduct, absorb, produce and control a form of energy that results from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons). Ultimately this gives the master of Electrokinesis, great control over electrical fields, electrical currents, electronic equipment, electrical charges and electromagnetism.

3. Magnokinesis

Magnokinesis is the mental ability to manipulate magnetic fields using the power of your mind. Anyone with this ability can attract, alter, or repel magnetic objects (like iron and other metals). This power also has control over magnetic waves in electronics.

4. Photokinesis

This is the amazing ability to control light. Photokinetic masters are able to produce, bend, shift, concentrate, scatter and generally influence light in various ways. Due to the fact that a master can bend light, they can also make themselves invisible. Photokinesis may also be used to produce illusions of light and generate light shields and force fields.

5. Hydrokinesis

Someone with the power of Hydrokinesis is able to manipulate water using only their mind. The user can produce, shape and influence water, when it is in the form of, gas, steam, liquid, water and vapor. They are also able to manipulate water in its solid states i.e. ice, and are able to switch it from one state to another.

6. Aerokinesis

Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate, modify, control, or produce, wind currents, air molecules and control air with only the use the mind. Masters of Aerokinesis have the power to manipulate the air around them. In effect, they can change the movement of a air current and even produce a gust of wind from nowhere. In order to achieve this ability one must be able to create and maintain a conscious connection with the air around them.

7. Vitakinesis

Vitakinesis is the ability to manipulate the biological template of living creatures, such as the reparation of one’s health, either mental or physical. In general, this is used to help people, such as a patient, but it can also be used for harm. Masters of Vitakinesis are able to gather past information on a living being’s health and mental state, allowing them make an in depth diagnosis without using medical equipment.

8. Mentatis

This is an interesting ability; it gives the user the ability to heal various mental conditions using their mind. This ability is often confused with Telekinesis, but is does have some very notable differences. Think of Mentatis as the ability to manipulate the state of the ‘brain’ rather than the ‘mind’. Mentatis doesn’t deal with ‘thoughts’ or ‘higher consciousness’ either and it is mostly used to treat psychological and neuropsychological conditions.

9. Latrosis

This again is a healing metaphysical ability, similar to Mentatis above. Latrosis masters have the wonderful ability to heal physical conditions using their mind. This can be anything from healing a scratch, removing a scar.

10. Algesis

This is definitely not our favorite, but none the less, it made the list. Often regarded as one of the ‘Most horrible’ metaphysical powers, Algesis is the ability to harm someone or something, physically using only the power of the mind. A master of Algesis can attack and damage someone or something’s biological template, such as causing severe migraines or exploding bones and blood vessels.


Metaphysical powers can be tapped into. It is up to you to refine your skills, and practice. Only then will you be able to tap into this otherworldly power.

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  1. Firstly, what a fantastically written blog! Ive read very many texts in different languages and context on accelerating human evolution, yet not really felt too much a part of them. As an only child, from birth Ive been in my own isolated world of constistent questioning, probing, experimenting, dwelving. Ive spent most of my years accelerating through evolution at high speeds through this wormhole of info which has nothing to do with this life how mass know it. (recently speeding up the evolution process through practice of Kriya Yoga) Following up from your other article of hyperawareness, I believe it plays a major role in increasing the conciousness to expand into any form of an evoluted being. Its only tiring to be hyper aware if the external stimuli are just randomly inputting/being picked up by the brain, which mostly happens if one is prone to bring anxious or emotionally and subconciously fleeting/looking for something to reassure themselves they are either simply put, ok or have a very clear idea of whats going on to the mollecular level. The thing is they dont have to pick up on the person in the meeting that moves their chair and why theyre doing it. possibly because of trauma previously experienced these are preliminary things learnt over time to look for, However if carefully worked on, this can work in our favour. I know it’s hard in the fast moving world to pick out what you wish to be of priority in the mind, but its important to practice otherwise becoming hyperaware will mean picking up on anything and everything which as you said, is. just. so. tiring. Ok. Sorry ravelling on here, so lets touch on about the metaphysical abilities, specifically hydrokinesis; something Ive been interested in since a child (later realising Im a water sign which made tonnes of sense.) There was an exercise I used to use from age 3, which started the feeling of one with the water.
    Find a nice still lake, or an area of still water (even the bathtub, however I prefer the natural environments)
    Slow your heartbeat and resonate the heartbeat with your mind, for as long as you need to until you feel calm and almost hypothetically as still as the water…
    Then gently take your fingertips and just touch the surface of the water. What should be seen are round ripples extending the stronger and longer you resonate.
    After feeling and seeing your energy move through the water and truly feeling the element alive in your body, are you then able to go on and practice advanced stages of hydrokinesis.
    Ill stop now before Men in Black try track to me down! And before I talk the cows home Lololol

  2. I totally have 1. and a bit of 9. as well. As a lightworker, you have to use your mind for long distance healing and I have been able to do that since about 1986 along with being able to move a flame. I was able to do that before I ever started my spiritual journey. Very nice blog. Short, sweet and to the point.

  3. Right now I need Algesis, I would love to give my EX boyfriend a migraine every day… That is what he deserves for cheating on me….doncha think??

  4. Have electrokinesis. Melt circuit board and mess up computers and lights and electrical currents quite often whenever I’m upset or anxious. Accidentally melted the circuit board of my aunt’s fancy new oven. The electrician that came to work on it was stunned. He’d never seen a board smelted inside an oven before.

    Also – Photokinesis. 🙂 I played pranks on my dentist whenever I had to get X-rays of my skull & teeth done. Freaked him out because I wasn’t wearing any metal except my earring studs & yet there’d be globes of Light blocking the X-rays from hitting my eyeballs/eye-sockets. That was on purpose. I didn’t want the X-rays to hit the soft tissue of my eyes. 😉

    Possibly hydrokinesis & aerokinesis.
    I’ve been able to call up storms and showers to rain on my house out of a clear blue sky in August whenever I get too hot. But I try not to mess with the weather too often or too much. There’s so many multiple factors & with global climate change and all… I feel guilty for doing it. :/

    Telepathic and Clairempathic, can hear ppls thoughts and feel their physical experiences (as though I’m inside their body). Creeps me all out, especially if said other person is being raunchy or just downright gross. Also, can put me inna foul mood whenever I have to hear someone bemoaning to themselves along the lines of “poor poor pitiful me!!” Particularly when they’ve got an incredibly blissful life chockful of phenomenal blessings. 6_6

    Astral projection / O. B. E. Yep, been there done that. It can be fun. 😉

    Clairsentience &/or claircognizance, I can look at someone or look them right in the eye and Know some of their deepest darkest secrets and haunting shames. I don’t like this ability -_-‘ and I try to block it as much as possible.

    Oh, and some traditional telekinesis & precognitive ability has popped up every now n then too.

    I’ve never really gained control over any of these.
    And – to be honest – I don’t like sharing that I have these powers; it’s because whenever I tell someone, they tend to get very jealous that they don’t have these powers/abilities themselves. 🙁

    But – I’d love to meet some other Light-wielders and learn about the good heroic work that they do healing ppl and the world &/or cleansing areas/ppl from dark/dissonant energies.

    Peace Love & Blessings y’all 🙂

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