9 Signs You’re Waking Up

It’s pretty apparent that there’s an important global awakening taking place. It’s just as the Mayans predicted all that time ago that the apocalypse would become obvious…

But here’s the thing, the apocalypse has been misinterpreted by many to mean the end of the world. What it actually means, though, is a sort of revelation, an uncovering if you will, of something that has been hidden from the common folk.

9 Signs You're Waking Up

Fact is as many people continue disagreeing about the Mayan calendar’s accuracy, there are many more people who are opening their eyes to what has been hidden from them for far too long.

This enlightenment is by no means an overnight process and it takes time to tear away the multiple layers of lies that seem to worm their way into the very core of truths.

However, while we don’t even pretend to know all the secrets of the universe, we remain humbled every single day by that which we’ve yet to learn. And each day it is becoming a little clearer as to what isn’t true.

It’s by that measure that you can determine if you’re one of those people enjoying a new awakening.

Ok, now I’m going run through the 9 signs your waking up. Let me know in the comments section below, how much of these you’ve experienced for yourself.

1. Waking Up To Political Nonsense

Politics don’t seem to faze you as much. You realize there isn’t a meaningful difference between different political parties, such as the Republicans and Democrats. It can be too easy to quickly become caught up in the left-wing/right-wing debate between political groups but debate is one thing; action is another. You’ll know the difference between two parties when it comes to the actions they choose to take on significant issues.

2. Waking Up To The Banking System’s Traps

You realize that international central banking is what drives our economic problems. Debt slavery is completely totalitarian and it is a major threat to humanity. It’s not temporary either. When a minority group is able to create wealth out of absolutely nothing and go ahead and charge interest on it, they then have both the power and the ability to enslave the entire planet, regardless of the type of government a country has in power.

3. Waking Up And Realizing War Is Never The Answer

You realize that preemptive war is never, ever obligatory. Once we understand that self-defense is the only acceptable form of violence that is when we become fully awakened. To start a war just because someone is different or because you feel that pose a threat is madness.

4. Waking Up To Being Fed Garbage Everyday

You realize that we are all being fed rubbish, on a global scale. Our minds are being poisoned and through picking, prodding and research, you begin to understand by whom, why and how. There’s a great deal to learn and understand when it comes to how we are secretly being influenced.

But the fact is, we are being systematically brainwashed and chances are it’s for the main purpose of dumbing us down and controlling the population on Earth. Once you start to look into who may be immoral enough to do such a thing, you become another step closer to waking up. You can then take the necessary steps to break free from the “system” and live a better life.

5. Waking Up To Morality

You realize that the government can’t legislate morality and that they shouldn’t either. Once you understand that the role of government is solely to protect the population’s liberty and strive for citizen’s well-being, you are beginning to wake up.

But really, there should be a simple but impactful law that regulates morality, that is, do no harm. It’s impossible for a government to enforce morality with the likes of heavy taxes, cages and weaponry as those tend to cause extreme harm to a person’s liberty and well-being.

6. Waking Up To The Media’s Lies

You realize that mainstream media is almost completely owned and manipulated by those that rule. There are still few (very few) people that believe that what they hear from the media is gospel, even though the media is bought and paid for by those elite few. But recognizing that the media is propaganda and a kind of mind control are good steps towards being able to think critically past the messaging that is scientifically broadcast.

7. Waking Up To Knowing Thy Neighbor

You realize your neighbor’s aren’t your enemy even if you disagree ideologically. This can be a very difficult step in the process of awakening but it’s crucial to completely understand that our neighbors have been hypnotized just like we have.

Many of their ideas, if not most of them, aren’t even their own. They’re suffering like us. Sure, if their actions are harmful, it’s understandable to condemn them, but those that are truly awake will never give up on spreading information that will enlighten those still stuck in the dark.

8. Waking Up To The Elite’s Global Control

You realize the goal is one-world control of our planet. Once you realize that the goal is for the ruling elite to completely control all the main aspects of society via a global government, a one-world currency and international armed forces, it becomes easier to see through the propaganda and lies that surround many confusing events that happen around the world.

9. Waking Up To Possibility

You realize that esoteric powers are at play in the physical world. Whether you’re spiritual or religious or even scientific, or perhaps down right curious, there are heaps of theories around some sort of invisible force at work.

Of course, it’s near impossible to prove what it is and you may not even want to acknowledge it but the ruling elite do take their occult rituals completely seriously. And they seem to know and experience things the rest of us don’t. But keep an open mind on such a possibility and you’ll be far more and forever awakened to things other then that which you can touch, see, taste and hear. Just one part of an awakening is understanding that there’s a lot more that is possible than isn’t.

To Finish Up

You realize, once you are awakened, that the power to change the world rests with only you. People have believed for ages that they’re too weak to change the world or have relied on other people to do it for them. You’ll know you are truly awake when you understand that you have all the power possible to change the world just by living the change that you wish for.

Start by identifying the principles that you stand for and start living them. Even if a small minority of beings were to take such steps, the establishment would be shaken to its core.

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