Bad Habits: 10 Things To Stop Doing Now

IF BAD HABITS and behaviors sabotage your life, then we have a top 10 list of things to stop doing now for you below because you can avoid repeating those mistakes again. Look Good? Let’s dive in.

I used to do things that made my life difficult. The funny part is I saw others doing them too. So, to stop myself from spiraling down a terrible path, I started a list of what NOT to do. This list increased my confidence.

And it helped me achieve more clarity and perspective. When you find a point that resonates with you, stop doing it today. You’ll feel much better about yourself.

By the way, these points are nothing new. I’m sure you’ve heard them before. But I wanted to bring them to your attention (in case you forgot). So you can make some changes today, rather than another day. Explore the list below and think how each point applies to you. You may even suggest new ones to add. If so, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Things To Stop Doing Now

10. Stop running from your problems.

It’s time to stop running away from your problems.

If you want to accelerate your evolution, then you need to face your problems.

It’s the only way to clear them from your mind and life.

You can never out run a problem (because you can’t out run yourself).

And longer you try to run from problems, the harder they are to face.

You see, challenges always arise.

You can’t void them.

But you can search for the lessons within them.

There’s always a lesson.

Look for it.

9. Stop lying to yourself.

If you lie to others and yourself, then stop now.

Lying is cumulative.

What starts seemingly small and simple, without a malicious intention, can cascade into a false reality, a reputation as a liar, and the inability to share the truth.

You may lie to people, but all too often, you’ll find that you also lie to yourself to protect the ego.

Don’t get caught in this web of deceit.

It clouds your mind and judgment and kills your personal evolution at the same time.

In fact, you might even be lying to yourself right now, reading this list, and not wanting to admit to any of these tendencies.

The good news is, it’s within your immediate power to make a positive mental shift into honest living.

You’ll be surprised at how much lighter an honest existence is.

8. Stop being afraid of making mistakes.

I know mistakes are frustrating.

But don’t let them hold you back.

If you stay focused, then you’ll learn from them.

Just remember: There’s no such thing as failure.

You can win, and that’s great.

But when you don’t win, then you learn.

You never lose.

In fact, I suggest you find those situations where you don’t win because those are the times when you evolve the most.

7. Stop the negativity in your life.

Nobody likes negativity.

Nonetheless, people make a habit of only sharing the unpleasant, negative, and bad aspects of their life.

They love to bask in sad emotions and self-pity.

It might be nice to receive sympathy sometimes.

However, it does nothing to change your situation.

It actually adds more hassle to it.

Accept or deal with whatever plagues you.

When you’re done, move on.

The thing is, you have little time and so much amazing stuff to achieve.

Negativity is the mother of energy drainers.

It chews away at inner peace and hinders your growth and success.

Stay away.

6. Stop living in the past and in the future.

As you probably know, the past does NOT define you.

If you’re living in the past, then you’re most likely saying things like “Oh, I used to be really adventurous” or “I used to find it easy to make friends” or anything along those lines.

Newsflash. If you’re living in the past, then you’re not living in the NOW.

The opportunities you missed are irrelevant.

What matters is that you learned your lesson from them.

The only thing your past is good for is giving you lessons, awareness, and understanding.

Now move on with your life.

If a similar situation to your past arises, let your brain recall the lessons learned and use that information to make the present moment as remarkable as possible.

Devote your vitality and universal energy to this moment, right in front of you.

5. Stop focusing on what you don’t want.

No, tomorrow can’t wait.

Stop being lazy.

Stop putting things off for tomorrow.

Take charge and show laziness that you’re in control. Identify what excites you in life.

I’m not talking about the things that make you happy.

I’m talking about something that excites you every time you do it.

Happiness comes later after you discover the thing that excites you deep inside.

Another thing, I know it can take a lot of resolution, courage, and energy to break the terrible “couch potato” mindset.

So, be wary of the fact that it’s easy to regress into a lazy state of mind, especially when things aren’t going your way.

My advice is stick to whatever you’re doing, regardless of the difficulties that arise.

And, of course, once you’re out of your lazy mindset, do your best to stay out.

4. Stop blaming everything and everyone.

In my experience, you can never lay the blame on other, only yourself. But here’s the thing, it takes a lot of courage to come clean and admit that truth.

If you choose to blame others, then you raise everybody’s defense mechanisms automatically.

Not to mention it makes zero difference to your current situation.

But guess what?

It does generate tumultuous emotions and heartache for you.

I’m sure you’d refer to sidestep those complications.

As an alternative, be someone who is solution focused.

If something happens that wasn’t your fault, then work on finding a solution without pointing fingers or blaming.

Just being solution based, rather than blame based, can completely change the way you see the world.

Try it for a week and see for yourself.

3. Stop making assumptions and speculating outcomes.

Your friend might’ve called you something nasty a few years ago.

You were likely hurt and upset and didn’t speak to them for some time.

But you don’t need to see them as that terrible person now.


Because in the same way that you’ve grown spiritually and mentally, others have too.

So instead of letting your past rapport with someone determine your view of him or her today, start fresh with a clean canvas.

Let the present version of them connect with the present version of you.

2. Stop trying to be someone else.

Whether you’re copying some pop star or trying to impress someone, you’re not being true to yourself.

Your own unique identity will always outshine your attempt to be someone you’re not.

People will love you for it.

Secretly they all want to be themselves too.

And they’ll admire you for having the courage show your true colors.

If you’re a little crazy and goofy, or introverted and quiet, then own it.

Be who you truly are and you’ll feel more fulfilled because of it.

1. Stop beating yourself up all the time.

Within you lives your worst enemy, your greatest competition, and your best friend.

And it’s your choice which one you live with each day

Today (and every day) choose to support yourself.

There’s enough negativity around as it is, without turning against yourself as well.

Imagine knowing someone who treats you like you treat yourself sometimes.

You wouldn’t want to spend much time with them (and if you do, stop that too).

You’re a champion and you’ve proven it countless time.


Final Thought

The 10 things I chose to stop doing are only a starting point.

Of course, I’m always adding to this list as I continue to evolve and so should you.

When you stay true and honest with yourself, then your harmful behaviors and tendencies reveal themselves.

And that’s when your evolution picks up momentum.

As always, thank you for reading.

And if you feel this post might prove helpful to your friends and family, then remember to share it with them too.

How many of the things to stop doing now do you still struggle with? Let us know below.

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  1. I’ve been on my own spiritual journey discovering and noticing things I’ve never noticed before for years now. I’ve struggled for a long time because I couldn’t talk about everything I seen because it would create conflict from not being able to communicate in a more receptive way to others. Most people don’t even realize how closed minded they really are. I found one person that didn’t always understand what I was saying at the time but didnt create conflict from what I was saying. This lead to being able to recognize what I was saying by hearing my thoughts out loud that I was able to break my concepts down to the point of getting other to be more receptive. Then I started to write my thoughts down which helped even more. Through my journey I have been growing and noticing that some times as I try to help others understand things that will allow them to better themselves in their perspectives that it created conflict from a closed minded perspective. I created a positivity group on Facebook called Dragon OG3 Crew. Dragon through our struggles together where the name Dragon comes from in the title Dragon OG3 Crew. I decided to create something for others to relate to on a positive perspective from each post. It’s been very interesting to see it growing noticing who understands enjoys and supports the group. It shows who is more receptive at the current moment and those who are not on the same page yet. Through my journey I’ve been discovery more like minded people just like earthunchained. It shows me that I’m not alone with creating positivity around myself for a more positive world.

  2. Dear Ari,
    Kuddos for a well written article. The fifteen points listed are very insightful.
    Each journeyman/woman needs to first overcome the fear of the unknown and admit to own self that the veneer of normalcy is a chimera, an illusion.
    Miraculous enlightenment will not happen, how much ever we hope it does – the problems and complications of life cannot be wished away.
    So what can we do?
    First: Accept. Acknowledge the current situation, do not fight, do not complain.
    Second: Realize: The past cannot be changed, future does not exist. Present is just the logical happenstance of your past decisions (maybe not the outcome you may have envisaged)
    Third: Be Aware; That every moment has infinite possibilities, and the cost of your choice of a specific path is the value of all the other possibilities you have given up. Chose carefully, as the choice will determine your future outcomes.
    Fourth: Implement; the best choice as per your own wisdom, continually, fearlessly, diligently….and trust in the goodness and benevolence in the overall scheme of things, that whatever happens was for your overall good.
    Overall always be Humble within. Each one of us is insignificant in the overall scheme of the universe, just a illusionary bubble. Pray to God for mercy and guidance.

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