7 Ways To Ground And Connect To The Frequency Of The Earth

The earth is our home. However, as a species, we became increasingly disconnected from it. Like a child losing connection with its mother. If you’d like to ground and connect to the frequency of the Earth, then it’s important you read this article.

Ground And Connect To The Frequency of The EarthWe Are All Connected

When you ground and connect with the Earth, you feel connected, balanced, and centered. Earth, our home, has shaped every living organism you see today. Its lively ecosystem contains a set of vast energy fields that constantly seek balance and harmony.

You interact with this energy every day. Even if you aren’t aware of it. It happens everywhere. When you sit down to watch TV. When you play with your dog. When you say hello to your next door neighbor. Whatever you do, you interact with these energy fields to varying degrees and results.

The more organized the energy fields are, the more efficiently energy can be dispersed to stimulate and enhance the lesser organized of the fields. The natural rhythm of the Earth’s fields is typically ~7.8 Hz and it is found in a multitude of places around us. It’s also vital to us functioning at our most efficient and in the most sustainable state. A human body resonates at this rhythm and both our brain waves (Alpha and Theta) border on that frequency. The brainwaves are associated with inspiration, insight, intuition, calmness and relaxation. Therefore, the Earth reverberates with our biological system and thus leads us to a greater state of coherence and in turn our physical, mental and emotional well-being is enhanced. When we’re grounded, we operate far more harmoniously and efficiently and can easily access the Earth’s stabilizing energy which will increase our health and vitality. Connecting and grounding to the earth’s frequencies is ancient knowledge and it’s expressed differently between traditions, cultures and spiritual practices but it all draws from a being’s connection with Earth. It’s important to note that the Western paradigm that currently dominates the world is mostly created with the purpose of alienating people and hindering our connection to the Earth. The current economic system has been set up to keep people in large buildings of metal and stone to generate information and become disconnected from the Earth. We’re constantly surrounding ourselves with the likes of technology and machinery that shower us with electromagnetic radiation. We put pieces of rubber or insulating plastic to adorn our feet with when out in nature and that hinders the flow of the Earth’s energy into our bodies. Pollution along with invasive procedures also distorts Earth’s electromagnetic field. But the good news is that we can nurture our connection to the Earth and bring about a healthier state of being by practicing grounding. Here are 7 different methods that can help us do just that.

1. Go Outside And Embrace Nature

The benefits of being outside, among nature are tremendous. Visit a field, climb a mountain, go to a river or swamp, swim in a stream, visit the beach, swim in the ocean – whatever it is, get outdoors and experience nature.

2. Go For AWalk Without Shoes

Enjoy quality time in nature barefoot, whether walking in green natural paths of a forest or the fluffy sand of a beach. Whatever the case, take off those clunky shoes and let your feet absorb the goodness.

3. Hug A Tree

It’s not a cliché, it’s actually science. Go and touch another organism to feel your energy field balancing.

4. Technology For Grounding

There have been various technological inventions to help ground and replenish our bodies with negative ions. Earth is the biggest donor and receiver of electrons and it’s been shown that the body’s ideal PH level is alkaline to neutral. Organisms like viruses, bacteria, germs and parasites relish in an acidic environment. Grounding electrodes can help to increase our electro negativity which helps to make our environments more alkaline – essential for a healthy immune system. The Earthing Mat is a groundbreaking product that  helps ground the body in an unnatural environment. The Earthing Mat helps us to maintain a form of harmonizing contact with the earth. You’ll gain a far better understanding of Earthing by having a read of this book: Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

5. Using Visualization

Since we are conscious beings, we’re able to alter and regulate our energy fields via our changing emotions, as well as the way we choose to feel. Visualization is an extremely effective way of helping us to become connected and grounded. A grounding chord is a particularly successful form of visualization. Picture, feel, see and be aware of the Earth’s center and the free energy around it. Then with both heart and mind, reach into the core and pull up a type of twisting, pulsing chord of energy. Visualize this chord is connected to your root chakra and begin feeling the connection between the Earth and yourself as you allow the energy to emanate through you. You might feel as though you’re sinking, or you might feel a sort of flexing of the perineum and buttocks areas. Repeat this visualization as often as you require and experiment with different types of chords of varying thicknesses and colors.

6. Tree Meditation

Become a tree – whether you visualize it, feel it or see it. Let your feet feel as though they are growing roots which sink into the Earth and become your anchor. Your legs and thighs should feel as though they’ve become wood and the roots will grow up from the ground, wrapping around your legs and spreading up the body. Your spine will feel straighter as it becomes a trunk and the energy rises from the Earth to your stomach, up to your heart and into your head. Feel your arms as they become your branches and they grow and stretch, reaching towards the sky. Let them bathe in the light of the sun and convert it into energy. Feel your crown opening up and filling with light which will flow back down to the roots and into the Earth.

7. Mountain Meditation

Again, close your eyes in a Meditation. Now visualize, feel, see or be aware of yourself becoming a mountain and turning to stone. A mountain’s roots run deep into the earth so feel your legs as they anchor in the Earth’s stone and feel that calmness and tranquility. Your crown should feel like the top of the mountain – where sky and Earth meet.

In Conclusion

We can regulate and change our state of being. While we are a result of our environment, we do have the choice as to how we respond and feel. We can change our internal and external environments to achieve greater harmony. Use the above tips to connect and ground to the Earth and elevate your vibration.

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