The Inner Workings Of Karma

Inner Workings Karma
The idea of what goes comes around has captured the worlds attention and curiosity. In this blog post I will discuss a few of the inner workings of karma.

Every thought and action has an opposite reaction. It’s similar to a ripple, in the way that everything you do carries energy, as it ripples through your life and the lives of those around you. This can be good or bad because the reaction to your actions eventually comes back to you.

It always does.

If your actions are bad, then expect to sample the karma knuckle sandwich, and I can tell you right now, it won’t be tasty. There is no scenario where you are not responsible for your own actions and the resulting karma. Both your happiness and your misery are in your hands.

The truth is karma lives within the natural world around you. You can’t escape it because it’s the currency of your life. It flows depending on your actions. Karma states that every action has a consequence. Not only that, the intentions behind these actions defines your experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

It’s How You Weave The Web Of Your Destiny

Every action you take accumulates karma. This includes your thoughts, words, and deeds. Also, included are the results of any actions you take. Whether in your knowledge, out of ignorance, by chance, accident, or otherwise. And, based on your intentions at the time, karma plays either a good or bad role in how your future unfolds.

Karma balances the universe. You can’t see it because it’s not a physical entity. But rest assured, it’s there. In all probability you have seen the fruits of its labor. Your decisions, thoughts, and actions, in the past, have shaped your current life and situation.

However, your future path is paved by the thoughts and actions you take today. You decide as to how you want your future to manifest and how karma responds to your decisions by the goodness of your intentions.

What you feel and experience in your current state, right now, is what karma wants you to experience. It has all been set up especially for you. To discover the lessons of your past and to change your future.

Imagine A Time When Karma Had An Effect On Your Life

Take a second to imagine a time where Karma had an effect on your life. This way, you can quickly get an “ah-ha”moment going on.

  1. Picture a time when life created exactly what you most feared or desired.
  2. Picture a time when someone intimidating, eventually became the person being intimidated.
  3. Picture a time when your own good actions made you happy, lightened your heart and allowed love to enter your spirit.

What you just pictured demonstrates the presence of karma. Now, I want to show you an example of collecting bad karma. Again, you need to create the scenario in your mind.

  1. Picture someone that you don’t like much.
  2. Come up with a way to upset that person with mean words or actions.
  3. Tell the person the mean words or perform the action to upset them.
  4. Imagine yourself smiling and happy that you hurt and upset them.
  5. Imagine the person feeling awkward, hurt, and upset.

If this were a real example, then you just created bad karma for yourself. Your intentions were bad. so were your actions. That means, sooner or later, karma will come around to teach you a lesson.

The thing is, in this made up scenario you intentionally harmed someone. Bad intentions always create bad karma. On the other hand, good and honest intentions generally create good Karma. It’s just the way it is.

Your Intentions Can’t Be Hidden From Karma

I mentioned intentions a few times. That’s because the are crucial to building good karma. If your intentions are bad, then maybe you can hide them from yourself and others, but never from karma.

Happiness never comes at someone elses expense. You might think you got away with an ill-intentioned action, but someone is always watching.

Do you know who that someone is?

It’s YOU.

Think of karma as your greatest teacher. It shows you how to reflect on and correct your mistakes in life, while expanding your knowledge of the universal energies that govern all of us.

If you act outside the natural balance of the universe, you cause an imbalance. Obviously, Karma doesn’t like this. So it comes back to teach you a lesson.

Firstly, to help you understand why you did what you did and secondly to deliver the consequences of those action.

Karma helps you understand the suffering of all beings and to maintain the balance of energy on Earth and beyond. Karma endlessly maintains this balance. To help you fit in with its plans, it shows you several different perspectives of life.

I don’t know about you, but my Mother always told me, “Put yourself in the other persons shoes. How does it make you feel?”

Well, karma helps you do this. It does it without asking. Plus it’s more ruthless than your Mother. Karmic energy shows you how your actions and intentions have an impact on those around you, by making them more evident and transparent.

Karma Repeats Experiences

That’s right, an experience continues to repeat until you learn your lesson, You can’t run away from it. The faster you learn, the better off you and those around you will be.

What’s more, the universe tests everything you do in life. Keep your eyes and heart open to see when these tests transpire. Oh, and a heads up—don’t judge. Judgment has a negative karmic effect. The more you judge the more you will be judged and that creates terrible cycle you don’t want to be stuck in.

In Conclusion

The inner workings of Karma are much deeper than what I shared with you today. However, this is a good start. I want you to wrap your head around the fact that your intentions influence your experiences.

Do good. Karma has eyes in the back its head. It can see your goodness and it can see your badness. then it delvers the reward or consequence accordingly.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you experienced good or bad karma? Let me know your thoughts, views, and opinions below because I’m always happy to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you for explaining karma in such an enlightening manner. Many people think that karma is confined to accumulation of the bad only, but it is everything, isn’t? Every action has a reaction, such is the working of the Universe.

    1. It’s not about true intentions, but good intentions. If your intentions cause harm to yourself or those around you, then regardless of whether the intention is true or not, the behavior will likely be wrong.

  2. It would be a pleasure Ari if you could please help me understand how we are one.

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