Karma: The Beginner’s Guide To Cause And Effect

How Karma Works

Every cause has an effect. It’s like a ripple. Everything you do carries energy. It ripples through your life and the life of those around you. This cycle can be good or bad because the effects of your actions come back to you in some way. They always do. If you choose a mean and wicked action, then expect a wicked outcome.

There is no scenario where you are not responsible for your actions and the resulting karma. Both your happiness and your misery are in your hands. The truth is karma lives within the natural world around you. You can’t escape it because it’s the currency of your life, and it flows depending on your actions.
The theory of Karma states that every cause has an equal effect. And the intentions behind those actions define your experiences(pleasant or unpleasant). It’s how you weave the wonderful web of your destiny.

Every action you take accumulates karma. These actions include your thoughts, words, and actions. Even if these actions are in your knowledge, out of ignorance, by chance, accident, or otherwise. And, based on your intentions at the time, karma plays either a good or bad role in how your future unfolds.

Karma balances the universe. You can’t see it because it’s not a physical entity. But rest assured, it’s there, and in all probability, you saw the fruits of its labor. Your past decisions, thoughts, and actions shaped your current life situation. And you pave the path to your future with the thoughts and actions you choose today. So you determine your future Karma based on the goodness of your intentions right now.

Think about how you feel at this moment. Your current experience reflects your past choices. It was set up this way so you can discover the lessons of your past and change your ways in the future.

Here’s a thought experiment.

1. Picture a time when life created what you most feared or desired.
2. Picture a time when someone intimidating became the intimidated and afraid.
3. Picture a time when your good actions made you happy and allowed love to enter your heart.

What you envisioned proves the presence of karma. Now, I want to show you an example of bad karma.

Again, create the scenario in your mind.

1. Picture someone you don’t like much and come up with a way to upset that person with mean words or actions.

2. In your mind, say those mean words to the person or act to upset or hurt them.

3. Imagine yourself smiling and happy when you see there sad and dejected response and the person feeling hurt.

If this were a real-world example, then you would have created bad karma for yourself. Your intentions were wrong, and so were your actions. That means karma will come around to teach you a lesson at some point.

In this made-up scenario, you harmed someone. Bad intentions always create bad karma. But good and honest intentions always create good Karma.
You can’t hide your intentions from Karma. Happiness never comes at someone else’s expense. You might think you got away with a vile action, it may even be that no one saw it, but someone is always watching. That person is you.

Think of karma as your greatest teacher. It shows you how to reflect on and correct your mistakes in life. It expands your knowledge of the universal energies that govern all things.

If you act outside the natural balance of the universe, you cause an imbalance. Karma doesn’t like this, so it comes back and gives you a lesson. First, to help you understand why you did what you did, and second to deliver the consequences.
Karma helps you understand how all beings suffer. It maintains the balance of energy on Earth and beyond. And to help you fit into this delicate balance, Karma shows you many perspectives on life.

Ever heard the saying, “Put yourself in their shoes.” It helps you empathize with the someone else. And with empathy comes compassion. The law of Karma puts you in the shoes of others. It shows you how your actions and intentions have an impact on those around you.

Karma will also repeat an experience. That’s right. An experience continues to happen until you learn your lesson. You can’t run away from them. But the faster you learn, the better off you and those around you will be.
What’s more, the universe tests your choices. Keep your eyes and heart open to see when these tests take place. And remember that judgment has a negative karmic effect. So the more you judge, the more others will judge you.

In reality, we are connected to all things. But these days, people disconnected from one another and everything else. Egoism and egotism have swept the planet. There’s more media hype placed on selfies, rather than the crumbling of Earth’s ecosystem.

The idea of individualism made a negative impact. These days, many people see the world as me vs. everyone else. This approach distances us from the truth. And the fact is we are one. You, the poor fellow down the road or the billionaire you see on television.
When you strip away the material world, emotions, and ego the ego, and you see how we are one connected entity. When you push someone on the street, you are pushing yourself. When you hurt another, you are hurting yourself. But a gesture of kindness towards others is the same as being kind to yourself. It all links together as one unified whole.

Free will exists within you; for that reason, how you choose to act lies in your hands. Karma serves to remind you of your oneness with all beings, and by doing so, you become a better person.

Karma’s lessons don’t go away until they teach you what you need to learn. People try to run away from Karma. You can run to every corner of the world. It won’t solve a thing. You can’t run from the lessons of Karma. Karma treats everyone as equal. You are not an individual case, and you definitely won’t get any special treatment.

Learn from your past. Don’t make the same mistakes twice, and embrace your karmic lessons—as quick as possible.

You can change your Karma. But you can’t end the Karma cycle. You can only turn it around when you change your ways. You can undo past mistakes when you take immediate steps today.

Yes, your past actions played their part in creating your current condition. You reaped what you have sown. You created your destiny in the past. Now you have the opportunity to recreate it.

To do this, you must learn from your past and use awakened and conscious thought to create a new future. And remember that you can’t buy a clear conscience from a moment of shame or regret. It doesn’t work like that. You need to make long-term changes to the way you do things. You must take responsibility for your actions and do your best to undo the effects of them.

When you feel bad about something you’ve done, it means you became aware of the error. But you must mean it and feel it from within, then take steps to correct your ways. This awareness drives your spiritual growth and helps keep your karma stay positive.

Revenge inflicts energetic and physiological damage. Don’t hate or dislike people. It serves you no purpose. It only creates negative vibrational energy. This action pulls you and everyone around you into turmoil. Instead, if someone harms you, trust that karma has a lesson for them. Wish them all the best—make sure you mean it from the soul—and move on with your life. Your time on Earth too precious to spend on destructive actions such as revenge.

Have trust in the universe to deliver its karmic lessons, as it sees fit. It’s not up to you to decide when and how. When you choose to forgive, and your intentions are pure, nothing can harm you.

The universe wants harmony. It seeks balance. Let it do its thing.
Sometimes, the best way for karma to teach you a lesson is to show you what others feel and experience. When you recognize a mistake, then ask forgiveness from those you wronged.

When and if they do forgive you, your bad karma will switch to excellent karma. The weight lifts from your shoulders, and your guilt vanishes almost immediately. At this point, your spirit welcomes only happiness and peace and light to dwell within you.

Make everyone your friend because when you have no enemies, you become powerful. Fighting and revenge are a sign of weakness, not power. When you create enemies, you only load worries into your life.

Everyone receives Karma. Anyone who harms you will, when karma sees fit, receive their karmic lesson. Your job is to forgive them for their ignorance. Forgiveness can be hard. It takes the strength of character and an even stronger heart, but the benefits are pure and potent. Forgiveness frees your spirit. Forgiveness unties the knot in your karmic energy. And it opens your mind to embrace the good things in life, rather than continue with pain and suffering.

Karma takes effect in its own time. The results can be instant, or they may take some time to present themselves. There’s no set time frame that we know about. But there is always a lesson, no matter how long the delay. The whole point is for you to learn a lesson that opens your mind and keeps you moving forward. Your lesson may arrive in a few seconds, hours, months, or even years.

But regardless of the timeframe, karma does not forget. From the moment your doing begins, the karmic clock starts to tick. At the right and exact moment, you receive your karma in its full cycle. Not a second before and not a second after.

And remember that revenge is not the purpose of Karma. Karma is a part of the universe, and the universe is not vengeful because it only seeks balance and purity. Karma teaches you to be a better person; to become connected, conscious and aware. It’s your greatest teacher.

When good karma arrives, show your gratitude for receiving it. Your appreciation demonstrates that you understand the benefits of your actions and intentions. Noticing bad karma is easy. People complain about it all the time. But it takes a rare person to see their good karma and show their appreciation.

Karma follows the spiritual laws. So you have a karmic responsibility to those laws. When you discover a new spiritual law, you become accountable and can no longer be ignorant of it. In other words, ignorance to knowledge of virtue can have unfavorable consequences. If you act against the laws, you suffer more than a person who is unfamiliar with them. The reverse is also true. When you give love and kindness, your karma cycle returns in the most wonderful ways. It’s as if the powers of the universe ascend to protect and guide you.

The Karma Lake analogy can help you understand Karma. Here’s how it works. To help you understand what it means to clean your karma, let’s do a thought experiment. I’ll describe a scene, and I want you to visualize it.


Imagine standing in a forest. Trees, plants, and bushes surround you. A light breeze caresses your body. In front of you is bright blue, crystal clear lake. The lake is so clear that you can see the rocks at the bottom. It’s calm and peaceful.

Now imagine the breeze becomes a high wind. Leaves, twigs, dust, dirt, and bark clutter the surface of the lake. It becomes murky and unclean. You no longer see the rocks at the bottom.

Now, let me explain the components of this experience:

A) You are the lake.
B) The wind is your karma.
C) The debris is your bad karma.

You become the clear lake when you create good Karma in your life by doing good. But the winds of karma pick up, snapping trees and sending debris into the lake when you action go nasty. Over time, these winds created debris. This debris sits on your lake’s surface and doesn’t move. This is your bad karma.

Here’s the thing. Your bad karma is there to stay. You don’t have control over it, and you can’t reverse the damage. You can’t remove the debris, the same as you can’t change your past actions and decisions.

But you can control the wind. So that’s what you need to focus on. When the winds of karma remain calm the karmic debris will move to the edge of the lake. Leaving the depths visible through the lake’s surface once again.

But if you set off violent winds through ego driven actions, you fill the lake with debris once again (bad karma). Instead of creating more debris from the winds of karma, you must take control of the chaos. You’ll force the old Karmic debris to the outside to reveal the depths of your soul again.

By now, you should be asking:

How do I calm the winds of karma? Well, they stem from inner peace. You can find inner peace by allowing your actions and thoughts to be pure. They should flow without selfish desires and bad intentions.

You will find clarity when the winds of your soul retreat. And your energetic lake becomes clear again so you can see what lies at the core of your being. It’s a vast and compelling world within your spiritual soul.

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