Karma: The Beginner’s Guide To Cause And Effect

Make Good Karma

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with karmic lessons. It might seem like the universe wants to teach you everything at once. But don’t dismiss your experience. Instead, you must surrender to the will of the universe. After you learn your lessons, you gain the ability to redirect your path in life. And you’ll have the tools to avoid a build-up of negative Karma by making virtuous choices.

You see, the pleasures in this world don’t compare to the bliss of experiencing inner peace. It feels like total freedom. This brings us to our next point: give up the idea of all karmas, both good and bad.

This might have thrown you off a bit, but look. It doesn’t mean that you should do nothing and stop being kind, helpful, or anything like that. It means remove ego from your intentions and actions. You can’t do good deeds for the sake of receiving better karma. You must do good deeds in the interests of goodness. It can’t be for selfish reasons. It must be without attachment to the goodness that you perform. Actions are inevitable. We can’t live without taking action. It’s the intention of those actions that you must free.

Karma Debt V.S Credit Card Debt

Think of cleaning your karma in the same as paying off a credit card. I use this example because I find people relate to it, on some level.

Let’s set the stage.

A) You are the credit card.
B) Spending money on the credit card is bad karma.
C) Paying off the credit card is good karma.

If you spend more money than you repay, your credit card stays in debt. This is bad. It’s the same with karma. You need to stop building up bad karma in order build reserves of good karma.

If you spend more than you repay, you never free yourself from the burden of the credit card. Again, it’s the same with karma. If you collect more bad karma than good, you’ll find it hard to create positive experiences in your life.

Cleaning Karma V.S Cleaning Your Home

Think about this for a second. You move into a new apartment. It starts off fresh and clean. Soon, dust builds up. Clothes scatter over your bedroom. Dishes pile up. The bathroom looks like a pigsty. You need to clean now because it’s far too messy. So, you spend a few hours cleaning to get it looking spotless again. But in a few days, it becomes dirty again, and you repeat the process.
In this scenario:

A) You are the house.
B) The dirt in the house is your bad karma building up.
C) Cleaning the house is cleaning your karma.

The point is that cleaning karma is a continuous process. It’s a way of life. Not a one-time-fix-all. Bad karma (the messy apartment) always builds up, and you need to keep cleaning it. So get that broom ready and keep your apartment clean.

You can cut Karmic energy threads linked to people and objects. You’ll see how to do this in a second. But first, take a moment to picture this:

You’re a spider in the middle of a web. Every thread on your web links to a person or object in your life. But not all threads are good. So it’s your job to remove the bad ones and keep the web secure. You achieve this by cutting bad threads and make room for new ones.

In this example, the bad threads are the harmful connections you have in your life with people or objects. So below you’ll find a two-step process to cut bad karmic threads. This leaves room for their replacements. Please note, this is an inward process, you don’t need to approach anyone or anything.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Identify something that burdens you. This could be a thing of your past or present. It doesn’t matter if you love it, hate it, or whether it’s a person you’re speaking to or not. Heck, you don’t even need to know it or to have seen it. All that matters is that you identify what burdens you.

Now, remember every feeling you had towards it. Bring to mind the memories of when it hurt and upset you. Use every sense to make the memory vivid and bright because in a second you will cut the karmic thread to it. Forever.

Step 2: Cut the karmic threads going from you to the thing that burdens you.

With the memory, feeling, and emotion fresh in your mind, repeat this phrase 30 times. It can be out loud or in your head:

“Cut the Karmas!”

This simple 2-step process helps you take back the energy you’ve been leaking in the wrong places.

On a side—but related— note, you can also write down, on a piece of paper, how a particular karmic thread burdens you. Then burn it.

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