Karma: The Beginner’s Guide To Cause And Effect

Karma Process Map with Instructions

Being present is what mindfulness is all about. Regardless of what you’re doing, you must learn to stay present and aware. If you’re planning a future trip or a new business, for example, that’s fine. I’m only asking that you stay present during the task. When you focus on the present, you calm your mind and thoughts and reach a peaceful, meditative state. In this state, you open your heart and mind to make clear and well-intentioned actions and decisions.

Here’s a 3-step process map for good karma:


And here are the instructions that go with it:

Step #1: Before you take a serious action (one that may affect something or someone around you), pause and focus. Become aware of the energies surrounding you at that moment.

Step #2: Then, once you’re aware and focused, increase your positive vibrational frequency. You can do this in many ways. You will now challenge your intentions. Ask yourself if they are good. Because if they’re not, then you need to change the direction of your thoughts until they are. Don’t move onto the next step until you feel the decision vibrates at a resourceful frequency.

Step #3: Now, focus deeper into the present moment. Leave all your thoughts behind. Open your mind to clarity and universal intelligence. This only comes from a place other than our physical world or our emotional thinking state. Open your mind to the truth. If you get a message that changes your thought patterns, then examine it and change them. If not, go to step 4.

Step #4: When I’m sure my action and intentions are pure, I follow through with the action. I am confident and back my decision because I know that it carries only good things to everyone involved.

When cleaning your karma, act without attachment. The best way to do this is to surrender to the universe. Detach yourself from objects in the physical world. Withdraw your attachment and direct your thoughts to your spiritual energy. The physical world is only part of your experience as a person. When you grasp this concept, you will realize that there is a vast power far greater than any of us. A power we should surrender and embrace with an open heart.

Your greatest growth will come when you stop resisting Karmic energy and lesson. Instead, you should learn from it and speed up your spiritual evolution in the process. Too many people fight Karmic lessons their entire life. Don’t do it. It will never let up, and you’ll never win. Move on with your life, surrender to the will of the universe, and you’ll see how amazing and magical life can become.

How do you surrender to the universe? Make every action an offering to the universe. From the food that you eat to the help that you give others. This approach helps you free your bondage to karma and its effects. Both good and bad. This way you direct every action to the universe and remove ego from your decisions.

People fight against the laws of Karma and their karmic lessons for far too long. They refuse the guidance of the universe. Stubborn attitudes and the ego can hold you back from tremendous growth.

Step #1: Flow with the universe.

When you decide on an action, observe your motivations behind it. See what signs the universe shows you. It may show you signs that your decision is a mistake. Or it might guide you in another direction. Trust the universe. Keep your eyes and senses open, and you can see the subtle signs that put you on the right track. They are there, and you need to learn to see them.

Step #2: Accept, embrace and be grateful for your Karmic lessons.
Some of the lessons of Karma will challenge you. No doubt about it. The key is to maintain composure and go through these tough times with a positive attitude. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s your real test.

Of course, it’s easy to be happy and kind when things are going great, and everything is smooth sailing. But when trying times arrive, you need to respect the laws of karma. You need to accept your situation and keep moving forward with love and kindness.

Undesirable experiences can help you in the long run. Especially if they help clean the bad karma that built up in your past. Look at every situation as an opportunity to be good. At the same time make sure that your actions bring in good karma while paying off any bad karma owed.

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