Top 10 Ways To Shift Your Consciousness

In this day in age, anxiety, stress, and other harmful mind states can easily creep into your life. Here are 10 ways to shift your consciousness into a positive state of well-being.

Shift Your Consciousness

Your ability to maintain focus and shift your consciousness into a higher state can be difficult. The thought of becoming enlightened and radiating positive energy can seem like a distant dream.

It may even feel completely unreachable given the everyday challenges you’re likely to face. Nevertheless, you always have the choice to take control of your conscious mind and ultimate destiny.

For that reason, I came up with a small list to get you started today. I hope you find it useful.

1. Show your compassion towards others.

When you show compassion, you embrace other people’s suffering and help alleviate their distress. When you experience compassion, your awareness of humanity’s interdependence becomes apparent.

Your decision to show compassion is an active one. By acting compassionately, you show a willingness to go beyond your self-interests for the good of helping others. In other words, you put your own needs aside to attend to others.

In turn, you encounter your own deepest need: the need to feel connected to someone or something and be one with our grand and interconnected universe.

2. Dissolve the boundaries in your life.

Boundary dissolution is when boundaries dissolve and deconstruct within your mind. I’m talking about the boundaries that cultures and societies established for you. The ones you didn’t consciously choose, but you inherited from others.

Boundary dissolution helps you get rid of falsehoods and pushes your focus towards uniting humanity.

Achieve this and you’ll experience an open mind filled with more peace, tranquility, and serenity.

3. Show that you appreciate the people in your life.

When you appreciate another, you tune into their positive qualities and express gratitude and empathy towards them. Your positive vibrations toward others will help your growth, transformation, and evolution.

4. Start searching for your inner peace.

By experiencing inner peace, you can experience being both mentally and spiritually at peace. To find this peace, you need to look at your problems from fresh perspectives and different dimensions.

Meditation is one of the greatest tools available to help you achieve happiness and inner peace.

5. Learn how to forgive.

When you forgive from the heart, you radiate understanding and peace. However, it does involve a degree of unity with the person that harmed you.

No one ever said forgiveness was easy. Nonetheless, it’s essential for finding peace of mind and a higher consciousness.

When you choose to forgive and let go, then you rid the bitter, angry feelings that eat you from the inside. These feelings destroy your ability to find true inner peace and accelerate your spiritual growth.

6. Start practicing mindfulness.

Awareness of the present moment brings you into a state of mindfulness. While doing so you should calmly acknowledge your thoughts, feelings, and the sensations running through your mind and body.

Through mindfulness, you can expand your field of awareness and consciousness. You’ll find this handy because you’ll learn to reflect on the present moment and its happenings and cancel out biases and unnecessary noise.

7. Practice being selfless.

When you practice selflessness, you move your focus towards other people’s needs. To make the shift, your focus should direct to other people and their well-being.

You can achieve this in various ways. For example, you can surrender your heart and soul to another by entering into a long-term relationship, or by simply sharing time with someone when they need it.

8. Take a journey into nostalgia.

I bet you’ve heard of nostalgia. It’s a longing to return to a certain period. It’s sort of like living in the past and thinking of that time as more positive than it may actually have been.

Studies have shown that people with a greater nostalgia tend to have higher self-esteem and are less likely to become depressed.

Therefore, if you think back to good memories, even for just a few minutes a day, you can become cheerier. Nostalgia is a fantastic mood booster.

For that reason, if you’re feeling down, think about the good times gone and bring yourself back into positive mind state.

9. Leave materialism behind.

Albert Einstein once said that doing something repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

The world has vast and varied problems. If you choose to shift your consciousness, then you can do your part in helping to solve them.

A mind-state of post-materialism requires conscious action. You must face the repercussions of both greedy consumption and population growth and realize that materialistic values do not make people happier.

Therefore, you need to promote the things that truly matter in life and grasp the concept of “oneness.” All people and things are interconnected. We are one.

10. Stay curious.

When you pursue your curious nature, you begin to experience more wonders in your day-to-day life. You learn to access higher states of existence because by exploring your curiosity, you shift your consciousness and begin to see them. Curiosty reveals an infinite source of universal wonders that lead to remarkable and transforming life experiences.


Buddhism speaks of the artificial distinctions that are limited to an empirical or relative reality. These distinctions result in suffering, frustration, and distress, as you become alienated from life-changing experiences.

When your consciousness expands, you experience the transparency of your true reality. The infinite possibilities of a unified existence unfold before you.

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  1. I found out pretty late myslef. A friend of mine told me about it. I was really shocked. I have grown so much from listening to Zig Ziglar and other great motivational speakers. He will be missed.

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