Top 10 Signs You’re Telepathic

Signs you’re telepathic can be obvious. If you’ve ever been able to transmit, know, or manipulate thoughts with only the use of your mind, then you may be telepathic. So, keep reading and see which signs relate to you.

People think of telepathy as being an isolated skill or a difficult and rare ability which is unreachable by the average folk. This in not true. Telepathy is present in each one of us, at least to a certain degree.

For example, when you meet a new friend or partner, you first connect with this person at an energetic level. People enter your aura even before you meet them physically.If you pay more attention to your thoughts during the day and study your dreams after each night, then you’ll sense what your dreaming self has prepared for you to experience in your physical life.

Think of your life like a beautiful theatrical play. Firstly, this play kicks off in your dreams, as you decide to have certain experiences based on your beliefs and expectations. In your physical life, you’ll notice a delay between your initial thought and the time it takes to become a real event.

Secondly, you have free will. If you learn to observe yourself in your daily life, your “Play” becomes more apparent. You discover that your learning essential abilities and solving vital problems. All of these events are for your learning purposes, designed by your inner or dreaming self to guide and expand your metaphysical abilities.

Now, telepathy has a great role to play in all of this. People you meet in your future are first contacted telepathically by your inner self. To some degree you make friends with those who have many similarities with you .Those similarities are transmitted telepathically and energetically, first and foremost.

What causes telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate information using your mind. Information is transmitted from one mind to another using means other than then your well-known perceptual senses. Telepathy ranges from the basic reading of minds to more intense power, such as implanting or disrupting thoughts in other people’s minds. There’s no one-size-fits-all reason as to why someone becomes a telepath.

But there are a few common ones. For example, there are those who are simply born with a sense of knowing. These people talk about seeing spirits and various other apparitions. But they tend to suppress their abilities as children and often lose it as adults. Alternatively, a life-changing event may open them up to being telepathic and exploring their gift even further.

Also, there are times when a near-death experience or serious accident can also open someone up and cause a telepathic awakening. And in a some cases, hypnosis or healing sessions can help a sixth sense to awaken. Such sessions help with getting energy flowing and causing a shift in awareness and consciousness.

These signs you’re telepathic might help you gain more clarity and control.

I know it can be a confusing and scary time if you’re experiencing a surge in you telepathic abilities. I want to help sooth your worries.

For that reason, I wrote 10 common signs to help you gain some clarity. I hope you find them useful on your amazing journey.

1. You experience tingling sensations.

You begin developing your third eye area—the space between your eyebrows in your Chakra system. This happens for one of two reasons: either your Chakras are opening up or you are picking up specific energy signals.

The tingling sensation can be highly evident during the developmental stages, but it’s harmless and eventually subsides.

2. You connection to spirit surges.

You feel a stronger connection to the spirit world. It’s becomes increasingly easier for you to sense a presence. Whether its your loved one’s or someone elses’ loved ones. Mediumship tends to be a natural progression for those following a telepathic awakening.

3. You want to avoid negativity.

You find you’re picking up on other people’s emotions and feeling really easily. This gift is referred to as being an Empath. It comes about when your sensitivity levels increase. Also, you’ll find that being surrounded by dramatic, negative people drains you. You should honor your feelings and stay away from toxic and negative people when you can.

4. You want healthy and nourishing foods.

If you’re suddenly pushing aside the double burger and reaching for a salad it could mean you’re becoming more intuitive and beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. So even without realizing it, you may be reaching for higher vibrational foods like fruit and vegetables. These types of foods prevent you being weighed down and help to keep vibrations light.

5. You want to read and learn more about spirituality.

If you’re becoming telepathic, then you’ll likely develop an appetite to learn. As you begin opening up and shedding your old skins, you remember the light of your soul and find that you desire to read up spiritual  development surges, as you prepare to embark on you growth, transformation, and evolution.

6. You have frequent vivid dreams that give more signs you’re telepathic.

If your dreams become more frequent, and particularly vivid, then it’s another sign telepathic abilities are rising. When you sleep there is no resistance and your mind doesn’t interfere with what you intuitively receive. And as you open up, it becomes easier to reach higher levels of consciousness like a dream state. Start keeping a dream journal next to your bed. You’ll find it incredibly helpful.

7. You experience heightened sensitivity of your telepathic senses.

If you feel that your sense of hearing have heightened, or you see twinkles of light or a “something” just out of the corner of your eye, it means your telepathic senses are opening up and strengthening. This is a progressive and completely normal part of the telepathic process.

8. You receive intuitive hits.

Do you often sense something’s about to happen? Or you receive a type of third eye vision?

Some people find this type of intuition frightening and others find it exciting. If you feel afraid, set the intention that you won’t receive scary messages or visions or that you won’t receive intuitive hits, if there’s not much you can do about a situation.

Spirit guides honor such requests from us. Unfortunately, if you set your intention to this, you’ll be hindering your telepathic abilities. It is better to believe 100% in your psychic abilities and embrace them, only then can you improve your talents.

When you try to achieve any task, you must never doubt yourself. In telepathy this is particularly correct, since disbelievers are barely ever capable of uncovering their telepathic talents.

9. You get reoccurring headaches.

Although awful, the headaches are common and their cause is an influx of energy. If you want to try to combat the headaches, try soaking your feet in warm water. It will help you ground the energy and carries it away from your head.

Adding essential oils or Epsom salts to the water are a great way to relax further. If you feel you should, consult a doctor to ensure there aren’t any underlying causes.

10. You begin to lose old friends and make new ones.

If you’re on the path to a telepathic awakening, it’s an exciting one. Your soul is about to grow tremendously and with that you may find yourself outgrowing certain friends, and some things that you used to find important no longer are. Just go with it. The universe will put new people in your path. You just need to continue to trust.


When you first experience telepathy, the territory is likely to feel unfamiliar and strange. These feelings are entirely normal. You have nothing to fear. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The time is ripe for your growth and evolution. Your excitement should be elevated and your awareness amplified.

The truth is you can continue the development of your telepathic gifts by accepting them and allowing them to take their natural course. The points I mentioned above may resonate with you. If so, I suggest you continue nurturing your gift and see where it takes you as a telepath.

As always, thank you for reading. If you feel this post would be helpful and useful to your friends and family, then remember to share it with them too.

Have a story to tell?

If you experienced signs you’re telepathic, then why not share your comments, thoughts and stories with our little tribe, because you have the power to inspire or help someone who might need a little boost.

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  1. For about a year 1/2 getting this sensation in my ears. It starts with a noise or sensation (not sure although as it seems like both) of a rush of wind ‘inside’ my ear and it ends with an extremely high pitched ringing noise that tails off after about 30 – 60 seconds. It normally occurs in only one ear although it hasnt been exclusive to one or the other…. it has happened in both. Sometimes it might start in one and rush to the next.sometimes the sounds are static in one ear and tones and vibrations in the other..some time the light bulbs go off and on,and the might shake real hard..i use to see sprits when i was young but not anymore..i was just trying to get some answers thx

    1. Avery, it seems like a recurring case that people experience apparitions or other strange phenomena during their childhood, but that ability seems to disappear as they grow older. Perhaps, it’s a disconnection to that particular realm. In regards to the noises and sensations in your ears, if you’ve ruled out any underlying medical issues, firstly, then it could be that you’re trying to reconnect with the energies from your childhood. It’s worth looking into and seeing what triggers your symptoms. I suggest you start a journal because if you don’t track your experiences you can’t monitor them. This way, you can keep an eye on what triggers your symptoms and when they go away, or if they’re accompanied by any messages, energies, or thought waves that influence you. If you have any updates, make sure you keep the tribe informed.

    2. I have had ringing and other strange sounds in my ears for 25 years – My Inner guidance told me it is just the vibration of the mind and body moving thru into a higher vibration. Every once in a while it gets real loud and has kind of a popping sound and I know I have just gone thru into a higher vibration.

    3. When I was a teenager just out of high school. I met a man whom spoke to me in my mind. I realized what he was doing and began to speak back to him with my mind. We both became very excited by this fact and would said aloud at the same time “Is this really happening?” We both agreed that it had happened. Then he stated “but do you know what I am talking about?” I said “this is crazy, yes.”

      That was the first and last time I ever saw that man. I was yoing and too afraid, I didn’t realize he was an amazing individual. I wish I could have at least remembered his last name. Years later I tried to look him up but haven’t been able to find him. I have never shared an experience like that with anyone else.

      1. I met a lady once whom i did not know it was on a day just like any other and i could see her approaching me..i mean directly with intentions to tell me something that i needed to know. i was not afraid i was more curious as to what she was going to tell me more than anything. Once she had approached me she told me that she had a urge or some kind of force to tell me that she could see me and that she felt my strong auric and enlightened presence from afar and she had to tell me that. she smiled and said nothing more and left. that was the last time i ever saw her , at that time i was going through some experiences of heightened sensitivity of some telepathic senses. I saw twinkles of light or a “something” just out of the corner of my eye one night emitting from a glowing more so pulsating clear white crystal wrapped around a friends neck, it was intriguing at first but i soon realized that i was not afraid of it instead i felt a deep awakening but aloneness with the physical world but yet a togetherness calling from me from beyond the earth something from the deep dark sky as i looked up into the infinite universe. I told much of the people around me that night that it was weird but beautiful and crazy because although his crystal was a clear quartz that he later that night lost and found broken in half the next day..i saw it as green a vibrant green. it even drifted a few feet from his neck. in this experience everyone was there but when i asked them they looked at me in confusion with somewhat negativity…i was so confused and bewildered at the whole thing. I know what i saw and to this day i still strongly believe it. What Do You think this means…any advice or thoughts are much appreciated.

        Much LOVE & PEACE to all who read this. <3

    4. I can definitely relate to the ringing noise. My friends wonder why I smack myself in the ear in school.

  2. Me and my friend Diego have been experiencing these weird things . Three times a day! First we though of camal spider, then we looked the same website for this up , and last we were both about to take a shower!!! It’s driving us nuts!

  3. in the past month I have been reading many spiritual articles and start tearing up and going into a dream like state whenever I am reading the comments on anything, positive or negative. one of the only things I remember from my childhood is the day I randomly moved an eraser withoutusing any limbs and hitting my friend on the forehead. Are these two things linked? I also wake up with random sticky notes balancing on my head usually and as soon as i focus on something else, they drop. and always in the same exact area.

  4. I’m highly sensitive so I write songs and stories too along with a lot of déjà vu. I get headaches often, hints and want to avoid negativity. is there something related to thinking about someone often every day?
    anyways lovely information!

    1. Thank you for reading, Aanchal. In regards to headaches, I’d first check any underlying medical problems, then look into the metaphysical realm for answers. In regards to thinking about someone everyday, if you are directly communicating with them, then it is likely telepathy. If you are only thinking about them, it may not be.

  5. Hi there, very interesting indeed, I have my own strange experience that I have had with a person, can telepathy be one way? Maybe it was not telepathy but it was strange & I dont have an explanation for it but maybe you can help with your knowledge :), I had a number of incidents & I will list them be my judge:
    1) I was sitting in the office thinking about Tom Fords ads nuditiy it just caught my attention, the person I’m referring to entered the office & started chatting to one of the colleague about Tom ford ads & nudity in them!
    2) I had a quote that I found very interesting it was about an origin from word coming from turkey etc, the same guy entersthe room & starts talking about the exact same point & quote!
    3) I was planning to get a bicycle with my friend to find out the second day that he has bought a cycle & he will start going onfor rides!

    Now I understand that coincidence happen but the timing is just odd .. I dont know what is this? The same guy has shown interest in getting to know me but it was not geniune & for all wrong reasons so I didnt allow it however these incidents were very strange to me, is it telepahy? Or what it is?

    I do dream about him every now & then, which is what reminded me of the incidents..

    I would really appreciate your input!

    1. Leil, it looks like you’re tapping into your telepathic abilities. The best thing to do is try and build them even more. I suggest you check out my Telepath Checklist (at the top of this page) for a step-by-step guide on how to develop your telepathic abilities.

  6. For about 5 months now, ive been having thoughts of random things that might happen and 5 seconds after, they happen and sometimes i have thoughts that just pop out of no where when im surrounded by many people and i feel like i can read their thoughts i dont know if this is really true or i’m just being paranoid I also feel weird vibes in certain new places or new people

  7. first as a kid (10 or so) I would see things out of the corer of my eye. Along with that i would hear things kind of muffed as if a T.v. or something were on in an other room or even a static. I wasn’t ever scared more nervous if anything I always kept that to myself. The seeing things from the corner of my eye stopped when i met my husband. But this past year or so i lost my sense of smell. since then things have been happening. like meting people almost instantly we sync. Speaking at the same time, walking in tandem its kind of freaks people out I play it off with a joke because its almost like i can feel/sense there fear. My best friend picked up on this and asked me how the hell do you do that? i told him i don’t know? It just happens. So it happened again with my husband, I thought about it, I realized that its a feeling/thought that I get mil-seconds before it happens. before i can even process it its already happening. its hard for me to describe. most recent thing is my dreams the other night I dozed off or someone might think so. but i felt as if my body was sleeping but i was some place else. I couldn’t make sense of where i was i just know i wasn’t just sleeping. that n I now see thing odd and on out of the corner of my eye. this happens at different times of the day and now even around town. I was contemplating seeing dr. because i know things like this aren’t normal, but i truly feel its not anything medical. I am just wanting some kind of assurance!

    1. Crystal: firstly, thank you for sharing your story with the tribe. Now, if you went to a doctor and ruled out any underlying medical issues, then I assure you, you have a valuable gift. There’s no need to be afraid of it, challenge it, or overthink it. Just let it be. Give it space to grow and flourish. I think acceptance and observation is a great step for you, plus you might find this useful: I look forward to hearing more from you.

  8. I am just beginning to accept my sensitive nature. I am middle aged. Now finding resources to assist me. Ive set up a reiki session and have found a therapist who is also an empath. Its a new journey of a lifelong ability. I am finally opening up to who i really am without fear. Very liberating experience!

  9. I can sometimes see things in my mind and then I see them in real life. Like the other day me and my sister were playing a game and I see the number 5 and I rolled the dice and the number 5 showed up then I was like that’s just lucky then I saw the number 2 and it poped up on the dice. But what I’m trying to say is I can see things but don’t know what I am. I don’t see ghost so I’m not psychic I know that and was wondering if you can help.

    1. Hi Dominique, that’s interesting. It looks like you’re experiencing early signs premonition. That’s great news, now you just need to work on developing your psychic abilities even more. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    2. Can you give me lottery numbers please 😄 P.s I used to play a game with my sister where you’d put a card from a pack to your forehead and predict it. I suprised myself a lot’ thanks for bringing that memory back

  10. I had five dreams over about two weeks where I was receiving a cell phone call from a number that I recognized. In waking life this person does not talk to me. I sent him a text in the midst of these dreams and he answered and then then I actually saw him in real life and the next day I got a text saying to never text him again. I thought we were having telepathic dreams and that he was trying to contact me, if so, why does he reject me in waking life?

  11. I have had strange dreams in the past that have reoccurred many times, but I always remember only one part of the dream every single time, and its always the same part. I also have very vivid dreams sometimes, where it’s almost as if they’re real, I have a sense of feeling, smell, and hearing during them, and I don’t realize that I’ve been asleep until I wake up, it all feels so real. About a month ago I had a very very strange dream, the dream was that I was laying in bed and my dad was talking to me, and I kept getting this feeling of drifting in and out of consciousness, but when I finally woke up from my dream, I saw my dad sitting on my bed talking to me trying to get me to wake up so I could go to school, it was like I was dreaming about what was happening while I was asleep. I have also seen spirits before, I remember one trying to talk to me once. Sometimes there are moments in my day when I feel like I am being watched, or someone is nearby, but when I look around, no one is there. When I am out in the forest, I feel a deep connection with everything around me, and its like I was meant to be there. I have also always been very good with animals, I feel like I understand them sometimes, like I know how they feel. Does any of this mean anything? Or do I just sound like some crazy person?

    1. Well Lauren I’ve experienced that many times but the truth is you ain’t crazy & your telepathy is growing in a favourable way.Be always careful in your dream because some are just a trap that could hurt your future but you are what you think you and I call it the God’s best gift.

    1. I’m sure, I actually can see visions and they appear, huge ones like for storms, environmental issues, baton rouge flooding, I can hear people talking and I’ve even had people who have noticed. Me and my two sons were in the car and we had a telepathic communication with my ex who doubted me my ability and God and said that my God was a lie and God told him that he could flood only batonrouge and Angelina had nothing to do with it which would be me and that’s exactly what took place and me and my sons had nothing to do with it and that’s the God’s honest truth. my guest and friends notice, that im being attack almost the whole world knows, and i feel helpless, they using ablities to abuse my son as they laugh😢attacking me and my children…. they have now learned how then turned around and learned how steal or stop abilities that i have been gifted with the good and use them for evil and now I’m fighting a huge portal battle with people everyday whos jave seem to form occult for the past years, it start as a child. i was gifted then and my was jealous so 4 years why they Rob me mark me and attack me and pretend im crazy…. to take advantage of me. so don’t think that you’re crazy and then the worst part is that these people are my family or friends and people who i should be able to trust. I’ve had other friends come to me and tell me that I have the ability to do this but my family still to this day denies it and intentionally uses it to her man my family and my kids and where tired of it …..were tired of them wheres my old friends and family…….. WHY THEY SIT AROUND AND WAIT AND LIE ABOUT IT. Live intentionally ruined relationships so far as to ruin them even with my own children because of this but false crimes on me making themselves look innocent when they know in fact in their heart and God knows they are guilty!!!

  12. I’m communicating with a telepath. More then one. Thoughts feelings. Visions. Hearing music movements of my body. Every feeling thought. I’m receiving. I can only send back to this person. I don’t know who it is. It’s been going on everyday for almost a year. My body moves without me moving it. I need some Me to talk to that believes me. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. All mostly good. I don’t have a phone and I’m not online much. Facebook me. Casey Lynn Haynes…birthdate 2/20/1984 new york

    1. Hi Casey, of course I believe you. I guess your best bet is to try and find out who that person is and how you established that connection with them. Let us know how you go.

  13. symthems but I don’t know when it started two happen it took me a long time to realize it just two days ago I did i do not know when it stated two happen but when I’m at work everyone can hear every thought I have but for some reason I can not stop talking two my self every time it starts happening I can send image through my thoughts I can speak two more then one person at a time it’s weird tho become I can’t stop thinking I think for about 8 hours straight and I can also communicate through radio, speaker, and phone what can I do

    1. I have the EXACT SAME THINGS! Like “thought broadcast” and “image manefestation” while also being able to communicate to live broadcast of television and radio “electrotelepathy” it seems like a blessing and a curse! Its a form of telepathy. Good luck on your journey. Never being able to keep a thought or idea to yourself gets difficult, but it gets better over time.

    1. Hi Fayefaye, that’s funny. It does look a bit like that. It actually symbolises the 6 protocols of personal power that I developed. With these 6 protocols, we develop the wings to transcend our weakness and begin our evolution. Thank you so much for reading. All the best.

  14. When i was 7 to 8 years old i had very vivid dreams about a littke light with a face on it on my desk starring at me and talking to me and when i woke up it really looked at me instead of looking at the door and a dream that was reoccuring throughout the home family with a neverending hole in my bed.
    Now in the age of near 16 these dreams reoccured with a voices saying loud and clear “we are comming for you”
    and i can communicate with animals like share feelings and images sometimes they understand and arent afraid of me anymore i never talked about it because im already the one that is different at least in school.
    Im a littke bit affraid of whats going and hoped you would help me progress and develop


  15. When i was 7 i got this unforgettble intense sickly feeling in my stomach and i then afterwards i imagined some things that actually happend about 6/7 years later. Then when i was 16 i had the same expirience again but a particular woman who i first set eyes on when i was 14 was suddenly stuck in my head like id just seen her in the flesh and ever since ive just known things ive even felt emotions but im particually tied to this woman for some reason even though we live 70 miles apart although we never talk to each other we just eye gaze and i often feel like i make her nervous some how.

    1. Not to mention ive had really in detail dreams since the 2nd expirience when i was 16 and i had a tingleing once with her on my mind.

  16. I had begun experiencing headaches and tingling in the middle of my forehead earlier this year. One day, while sitting in crowded bowling alley, I was approached by a young man who communicated with me telepathically. I heard every word he said very clearly in my mind. I also responded to his inquiry telepathically with ease, and without a second thought. After the exchange, I was amazed and very weirded out. Since then, I have learned that I can receive telepathic messages, as well as send them and even implant thoughts and images. But I don’t believe I can read anyone’s mind…only communicate with those who choose to communicate with me. I’m eternally grateful for this gift and I am very responsible with it. I am also very sensitive to energy and vibrations and find it necessary to avoid crowded areas and negative environments. It’s obvious I’m on a road of enlightenment. I’m glad I found earthunchained. It gives me a sense of relief to know that I am not alone after all.

    1. Sophia, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It certainly sounds fascinating and your gift is very special. I’m glad to have you join our little tribe. Talk soon.

  17. My husband and I are both gifted, (he more than I). He could see, hear, and speak to spirits since he was three years old and is now in his early fourties. Additionally, he can read thoughts however with both of these, he tries to block it off. Seeing spirits frightens him and reading thoughts gives him headaches which if he uses it too often, leads to him having nose bleeds, however this is extent is a very rare occurance. Yet I can’t help but wonder if this is normal?
    With my gifts, I’m more of an empath than a telepath. Working with customers is hard for me because I’m either completed exhausted by others or extremely energetic, (as some people have very positive energies) and I feel like I absorb it all like a sponge. Sometimes I feel like I lose myself in it all. How can I harness some control with all of this? Furthermore, I’m able to very clearly send my thoughts; (which sometimes give me headaches) to my husband and even my pets, however when it comes to recieving thoughts from others its only happened once or twice. My husband says its because my mind is too busy and unrelaxed and that I should clear my mind but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’m also able to manipulate others easily with my mind but I try not to do that simply because its immoral. I can also sense spirits (more like their energies) and know whether they are positive or negative. Sometimes, on rare occaisons, I am able to sense their gender and their age. I’m afraid to communicate with them though because I don’t know what will happen. Sometimes, I’ve been attacked in my sleep. I thought for a second maybe it could be sleep paralysis but then I saw a big red hand print on my arm where he, (a large broad shouldered dark shadow figure) was pinning me down. I hope I don’t sound like a nut job, but I’ve kept these to myself for a while and I didn’t know where to turn for answers. It terrified me so much that as soon as it let go of me, I ran out of the room crying and slept next to my picture of Jesus.

    Sorry, I know that was a lot but I needed to get it off of my chest. If you could respond to my post and maybe give me some answers to some of my questions and concerns I’d be truly grateful!

    1. Hi Felicia, I hope you received the response you had hoped for honey. I know very well how terrifying and potentially dangerous those waking in that manner can become, knowing the experience is very real and not just a case of sleep paralysis as we so much wish that were the case. If your questions weren’t answered please respond to this message as I can sense your need for guidance honey. Blessings and prayers.

    2. I actually get all of that. I just thought that spirits couldn’t get to you on your bed. Try summoning a weapon to protect yourself. That works for me.

  18. I posted a comment earlier but I don’t see it here. Not sure if it erased everything I wrote or what.

  19. I have always felt i could understand animals. Its strange, but sometimes if i focus my mind but at the same time dont think about what im doing, strange but cool things happen. Like the time i was doing archery, before i couldnt get very close to the centre of the target, but then i focused but wandered, letting my arms move by themselves, and then i released and got a PERFECT bullseye. Dead centre, even coach was shocked. My hearing has recently become insanely sharp, from my bedroom i can hear the cars going past on the main road more than 5 blocks away. Also, i can never stand to be in a room full of people, firstly because all the noise makes my ears hurt, and second because i often get a throbbing headache from unconsiously picking up on their emotions.. I dont know if this is strange but if it helps i am also an author, a night owl, and very clever.. Won school dux

  20. Hello Ari,
    What does it mean to really notice someone’s house for some time before meeting them? This happened the first time with a man who became my partner of 12 years producing 2 children.
    After our separation I moved away. I began to notice another house in my new area. 3 years later I am currently dating the man that resides there, but he seems to be holding back. Was noticing his house an indication that we have a future, or do you think it was just coincidence? An ex boyfriend told me that I just seem to know things, and often I do, but this is just confusing.

  21. I have experience. I have had all of the symptoms above for a while. I had myself checked out and this is the real deal don’t take these things lightly.

  22. Hello Ari,

    I experience an , in lack og other words, electric tingling sensation, sort og waves, either in my legs or my chest. Kind of like licking a battery feeling. These sensations can be very intense. Funny thing is I am quite certain this happens at the exact moment my SO is either angry or afraid. We can be miles apart and it still happens. Is this normal? Is there any way I can learn to switch it off? It can be very exhausting at times.
    Best regards,

  23. Hello Ari.

    I’m from North Borneo.I’ve some question after reading this.

    1. I was wondering about dreaming. I always dream I go to some place that I really don’t know about the place. And after couple of weeks or months I go to some place and realize that I already been there.
    Is it a telepathic dream or a Dejavu?

    2. I meet someone and can guess his/her name right away although she/he never tell me their name. Is it also a telepathic?

    3. I always had a bad headache if my spouse done something wrong for example he had a girlfriend. Why is that?

    Q no 1 and 2 happened since I was young. But Q no 3 since I got married.

    Thank you.


  24. I’m fairly sure I have telepathic abilities. It’s odd… It’s sort of like a radio with some people, where I can tune in or out. Sometimes I catch a random glimpse of whatever they’re feeling or focusing on at the time. Sometimes it’s sort of like that only REALLY strong. Sometimes it’s just a random thought that’s just whatever random thing happens to pop into their mind at the time; that normally comes off sounding more like they’re saying it in words.There’s one girl in my class that I can read really clearly; as far as I know of, I’ve gotten everything from her right. She gets sort of freaked out by it, but aside from that she doesn’t seem to care. Sometimes I’ll be able to tell whatever song she randomly has stuck in he head. She says I’ve gotten it all right, which makes me think I’m not imagining that I can read minds.There’s been several times when I couldn’t read someone even if I tried and then I just randomly get a thought that I can just tell comes from them. I try not to tell too many people because if I do they start thinking towards me. The girl from my class that I could get a really clear reading on has started to do that. She’ll purposely think something really loud and annoying in my direction in attempt to get me to stop reading her, but that just makes it harder not to because she’s thinking it directly AT me. It’s sort of hard to explain the sensation of reading people… Sometimes it’s sort of like drawing inwards. Other times it’s just this really random thought that I know didn’t come from me. Sometimes it comes across really muddled, but then there are also times that it’s almost like they’re saying it out loud. The first time I got a very clearly determined reading from someone else was when I was in English class and I got a random thought about pepperoni pizza. I told the guy next to me and he said that that was really weird because that’s exactly what he had just been thinking. After that, I could pretty well read him from a distance. He said he could hear my thoughts too, but as far as I know of no one else can do that. I think he’s been trying to talk to me through mind lately, but I don’t know if I’m just imagining it. I will say though, that he and I have grown really distant in the last several months and I’ve started noticing he’s been making just a little bit more contact lately, like saying hello in English class. With some people, I can’t read them, and then I can a few times, and then I can’t again. It gets particularly confusing when I read what they’re thinking subconsciously and they don’t even realize they’re thinking it. Is this real? Am I only imagining this? Are there other people that are like me? More importantly, I’m only thirteen, so is it normal for it to randomly develop out of the blue at this age? What’s it like for others to read people; does it work the same way for them? I want answers and have no one to ask!

  25. I’m fairly sure I have telepathic abilities. It’s odd… It’s sort of like a radio with some people, where I can tune in or out. Sometimes I catch a random glimpse of whatever they’re feeling or focusing on at the time. Sometimes it’s sort of like that only REALLY strong. Sometimes it’s just a random thought that’s just whatever random thing happens to pop into their mind at the time; that normally comes off sounding more like they’re saying it in words.There’s one girl in my class that I can read really clearly; as far as I know of, I’ve gotten everything from her right. She gets sort of freaked out by it, but aside from that she doesn’t seem to care. Sometimes I’ll be able to tell whatever song she randomly has stuck in he head. She says I’ve gotten it all right, which makes me think I’m not imagining that I can read minds.There’s been several times when I couldn’t read someone even if I tried and then I just randomly get a thought that I can just tell comes from them. I try not to tell too many people because if I do they start thinking towards me. The girl from my class that I could get a really clear reading on has started to do that. She’ll purposely think something really loud and annoying in my direction in attempt to get me to stop reading her, but that just makes it harder not to because she’s thinking it directly AT me. It’s sort of hard to explain the sensation of reading people… Sometimes it’s sort of like drawing inwards. Other times it’s just this really random thought that I know didn’t come from me. Sometimes it comes across really muddled, but then there are also times that it’s almost like they’re saying it out loud. The first time I got a very clearly determined reading from someone else was when I was in English class and I got a random thought about pepperoni pizza. I told the guy next to me and he said that that was really weird because that’s exactly what he had just been thinking. After that, I could pretty well read him from a distance. He said he could hear my thoughts too, but as far as I know of no one else can do that. I think he’s been trying to talk to me through mind lately, but I don’t know if I’m just imagining it. I will say though, that he and I have grown really distant in the last several months and I’ve started noticing he’s been making just a little bit more contact lately, like saying hello in English class. With some people, I can’t read them, and then I can a few times, and then I can’t again. It gets particularly confusing when I read what they’re thinking subconsciously and they don’t even realize they’re thinking it. Is this real? Am I only imagining this? Are there other people that are like me? More importantly, I’m only thirteen, so is it normal for it to randomly develop out of the blue at this age? What’s it like for others to read people; does it work the same way for them? I want answers and have no one to ask!

    1. Hey you’re not the only one that’s confused. I found out I have telepethatic abilities a couple days/weeks ago. I barely know about how to control them. I know 2 friends who also also telepethatic, and I’ve been practicing with them. I know that feeling when you can tune in and out or just downright hear their thoughts. One time I had this random thought about the shelter and my friend 1 was staring off into space. I asked if she wanted to check out the shelter and she said she was thinking about that. I also have Clairsentience, and the emotions I will sometimes receive are VERY strong. Other times I have voices in my mind (not demonic) and when I’m tuning into starting telepathy it’s like this energy has been connected. I’m confused, a lot, but I’m researching to help me figure out how to control everything and not be so confused. I don’t know.. if I’m psychic should I stay away from people? I mean I’m only 12 idk what to do.

  26. I’m not exactly sure what it means but I’m ALWAYS having dreams and then whatever happened in them happens for real. Sometimes I just feel like what is happening has happened before. It’s really weird and has been bugging me for awhile. I hope you can help me to figure out what’s going on.

  27. Also I’m pretty sure everyone can do this but I can always tell when something bad is going to happen, for example; when someone I know or love is going to be dead or injured I have a shaky sick feeling. Is this normal?

  28. If I were a telepath right now I would try to contact this author by sending out a signal… If the author received the signal I could speak to with but he may not be. Able to return my call if ya know what I mean. Also telepaths should us meditation frequently… Amount of time will grow as you get better at finding your chi. Btw this just an if I were a telepath line. Thank you Ari.

  29. Help needed ! , I have a situation that is happening since years.
    Whenever someone is thinking about me deeply especially the close family (mother,sister,brother ..etc), I get pissed off for any reason, It turned my life rough !!.. and I know that I am sensitive person , but my question is why their thinking acts negatively not positively on me ?? or what to do to convert it to a positive influence?


  30. I am a fellow telepathic person trying to understand my self more and to understand where my path is growing. I noticed I am gaining power to my abilities and being able to do more and more. I allways knew there was something about me I could never understand and then I started researching my symptoms and it was awhile back I finally understood what was going on. The symtoms would come and go and it would be over long periods of time that I would feel like I was gaining power and altering into a new mindset. I am a followe of Jesus Christ and God and I go to a Catholic Church. I am so confused on the powers I have and I need more answers to my sitution. I am connected to peolple and can understand they have a problem before they even tell me anything and I get a sense of fear and I become anxious evertime something may happen but the ending allways ends up positive. I am starting to gain more power again in areas of my telepathic mind and it is a huge positive change for me but sometimes it’s to much. I need help on understand more and trying to find answers I can’t find my self. So if someone is out there that knows more then I do that is smart and wise please reply.

  31. I don’t know if it’s true or not but so many times I dreamt about the death of people including my father I saw they died and exactly it happens after the day I shared my dreams to my sister and friends but no one ready to believe it I don’t believe myself that I’m a telepathic but after I reading above I’m doubting myself I’m really scared 😣

  32. My son came to me a few weeks ago and for 2 years now he has had something going on that he can’t explain. I have read this material and find that a lot of it pertains to him. He is experiencing a loud ringing in the ears and says he can only get relief from a tone that he gets off the internet call Binaural Beats or a tone generator from a app I have on my phone. The ringing has caused migraines and they seem to be getting worse. He says due to the fact there is a receiver that is omitting sounds and frequencys that are addition to this problems. He is using a tone generator at 440 hz to allow him to continue to work and he sleeps with it every night. It has caused more problems over the last to years since he has been able to acknowledge it. He would like to discuss further and join a study that is current and up to date that deals with type of case. He would like to know if there is anyone in Houston Tx that he would like to know if any of you would know someone he could meet with or talk with so he can get some answers to what is going on.

  33. I have been getting ringing in my ears everyday mostly my left ear but I have had both.I hear two people saying my loser life is over an I shouldn’t have waited till after 30yrs. I hear alot of peoples thoughts starting two months ago.My head tingled in July last year like crazy.mostly one side at a time but basically the whole thing.I have been upset alot.An yeah headaches.I hear everyone saying that I’m not advanced enough around me.Just being awful.

  34. Also saw the glittering light abit this last sat/ sun night.I called it a halo but it was more of a glittering light.

  35. Umm… My friend can talk and I are communicating to some other friends by pure thought. She can talk to them, and I can literally see anybody I know’s past, present, and future. One of the 2 others were talking to, can do the same, and whenever they look into my life, I get a headache. I’ve gotten 2 telepathic messages, and SOO many dreams predicting the future- and my friend has too! I feel kinda crazy, and we’ve been hearing spirits just to add on to seeing them, and sometimes feeling them. Another thing is, my sister can see spirit or ghost dragons, and my friend and I have both felt him, and the facts we told each other about feeling him were true! My friend described the way my sister said he looked, and on top of that, we’ve both been having shared dreams. So if you have any advice, I’d love to here it! I kinda feel like a crazy person.

  36. Ever since I was little I would randomly experience these weird “sounds” like everything got intense loud and fast paced sounds and I couldn’t stop it. It still happens whenever it wants to.

  37. Hi.. ever since i was a child, i could remember my dreams at night when i woke up. even when sometimes i don’t remember them at all when i woke up, i still can remember them back if i force myself to. i always dream that i have some kind of telekinesis power, and i know that it may sounds funny but somehow i believe it is real. of course i tried in real life, but it didn’t work. sometimes i also dream faces that i recognize and sometimes that i don’t, and the next i’d be meeting them or saw them somewhere. other than that, i’m an empath too. and these few weeks i’m looking up the possibility of telepathy and telekinesis because i believe they do exist, just somehow, i need evidence and proof. i tried to connect my mind with my close friends, trying to make a telepathic connection without them knowing,… sometimes i feel like i’m receiving some kind of signal on what they’re thinking about. and i feel that is real. but, at some point i’m asking myself.. how can i be so sure? can i ask for your opinions or views on these.. thank you. if i really do have telepathic ability, how can i improve it?

  38. I get so emotional lately. Sometimes for no reason. I seem to get reoccurring headaches now. I always get ringing in my ears or pressure there. I hear also like a voice(s) sometimes hear and there from no where. I usually can’t hear clearly what this voice(s) is saying it sounds muffled almost. I’m pretty good at knowing what people are going to say before they say it. My sleep patterns are completely messed up. I can sense presences that no one else does especially when their in the same room. I smell weird smells that no one else does and it drives me crazy. Whiffs of smoke randomly from breathing and then it’s gone like that or really sickening sweet flowery perfume ugh. No one in my house even wears perfume. I can sense when something feels off. I don’t how to explain it exactly. I get all these weird feelings and tingles on my skin like some light force is touching me. It’s uncomfortable at times. I started wearing crystals to help with the psychic attacks I get a lot when in large crowds. All that energy in one place strains me so badly I start feeling nauseous. It helps a little but it also helps get me a sense of footing on earth because sometimes I feel like I’m floating or I got on foot here and another somewhere else. I have very vivid dreams. I only dream in color. I experience way too much de je vu to keep up with. I feel way too young to be psychic but I looked everything up over and over again. It constantly leads me here so I think the universe says that I am. I’m not sure that I fit into any category honestly, I still feel way to young to be psychic with anything.

  39. When I was younger, I think I was able to receive information telepathically. I don’t remember exactly when and how I discovered this ability, but I would have a friend think of a number and concentrate on it. I would clear my mind, and the correct number would pop into my head. I often had them think of a number from one to ten or one to twenty, but I remember guessing the number correctly from one to infinity a few times. This was when I was in elementary school, I believe. I am currently a high school student, and I would like to rekindle this ability. I have only made one attempt so far, which was a semi-success, I guess? I had a lot of trouble clearing my mind, and three numbers entered my thoughts instead of one. One of the numbers that I had thought of was the correct number, though. This did happen to me a few times when I was just beginning to test it out- my brain would supply numbers other than the true number to confuse me. What does this mean? And does anyone have any advice or comments? I don’t want to lose this ability, if I even still have it, and I would like to develop it further. Thank you!!

  40. Hello. I believe I am having telepathic dreams, always with The same guy. I think he is the sender and I am mostly a receiver. In the dreams he always gives me information that I later confirm to be true. There was one time where I could clearly hear his voice in my head, while we were both awake, not dreaming- we met in real life. I am in love with him, and in the dreams he seems to love me too, but in real life he is shy and we have grown distant, as we live in different countries.
    I haven’t seen him for two years, but he is still appearing in my dreams. I wish he would contact me for real. 🙂

    1. Man you are so lucky, my energy I try to release is so weak the waves the energy my reading come in as aren’t even that high… *cries*

  41. Hey good day ..would like to know why things happen at times when they pop in my head then a few mins later I see the person or it happens and when I’m around bad energy I feel it and if I’m long enough around it it consumes me but I can turn the worst energies around..and when I sleep and dream every night it’s real dreams like lucid ..and I’m in another place with other people experiencing the same thing ..some one tried to recruit me through a dream to join them with similar abilities ..I declined I saw sparkles before at a high energy day someone was looking through my eyes and I always go in to the trance before sleep and wide awake ..what can this explanation be ? It was triggered by something bad that happened in my life a few years back

  42. I’m Shirley Gibbs, I’m the baby out of 12, was born at home…was 9 pounds eight ounces, born 9 month 8 day…it all started from there. My mom said when I was born a bright light the size of a beach ball shine over me that was my gift. .As a child I can see and hear spirit can see the future. ..when I was a teenager I was visited by an angel, told me in two weeks I would be in bed cause I will be getting this power gift, I have these strange headache before, earthquakes, bad weather, or war, I can hear whales make noises I may sound crazy but I do…I get pain between my eyes, where I get pain there is a cross imprinted there..I know that might sound crazy but true.. I come from a generation of gifted people. ..if we get together strange things happens. Every generation is gifted including my two kids…when I see things it’s like my spirit is out my body..and I’m looking at what’s going on by floating over the events..just wanted to share my story…

  43. Hi. Me and a friend once tried telepathy and was shocked when he tried to send me thoughts of his bank card numbers and I received images in my mind of each number one after another. We never did it again. It was really weird

  44. What happens when you experience Kundalini activation symptoms with regard to telepathy? I always had intuitive gifts but they went into over drive and I started picking up signals about a variety of things at once. I started writing poetry and had a man tell me I was Shaman. I didn’t realize until after I examined all of my writings that they all foreshadow events or have some higher dimensional meaning (like metaphors for some higher universal truth). It felt like I was a human computer downloading drivers and I received flashes like pictures and while everything I did was inside of a lucid dream or synchronistic event. I was led go things and people RANDOM people came to me everywhere I went for three months and gave me things such as poetry that spoke exactly to my current situation, four different random people gave me books and said “this is for you” and it was exactly what I needed to read. I had a really difficult time with this because I found things everywhere that were like little “breadcrumbs” someone was leaving me. I have learned to let go of the paranoid concern that I’m under mind control or that I’ve lost my marbles. I feel that I may be able to travel into multidimensional experiences and I have to learn how to communicate in ways that the 3D person will understand. I also decided not to get too excited when synchronicities occur or when I have a tele/clairvoyant experience with someone. I am trying to practice the art of allowing and not getting so lost in the analytical part of my brain. I do feel like I’m a bit of a library of information and I can’t put the books all on the shelf in the correct order. It’s frustrating but I’m learning to adapt and flow with things. Can anyone relate or am I a nut job that smoked too much weed before meditating? 🙂

  45. I have strange feelings like jumping of my third eye, my feet became ticklish and my are jumpy and I need to know the meaning of those sign?

  46. Hi there. I’m Flare. Yes, I’m only 12, but I guess you can say I’m psychic. Telepethatically I mean (did I spell that right?) I have no idea how to manage it very well either, I guess you can say it’s exciting, but it’s also scary as well. I have no idea how it started, I don’t remember anything, but now I am able to have a gut feeling when something is gonna happen, I’m able to sense people’s emotions very easily, sometimes I’m able to receive pictures or thoughts from a person’s past if they don’t tell me what’s going on, and not everything is a pretty picture. I learned I have Clarsentience, after researching a lot. I’m also very, very eager to learn more and discover how to manage and control the abilities. I want to know more, there are so many questions I want answered. Sometimes (as above) I would see a light in the corner of my eye, which I never knew what it was, thank you for answering it though. But ever since I discovered I was, well psychic, I’ve been losing a lot of close friends I knew, last one was October 20, 5 o’clock in the evening, 2016, on a Thursday, she said she hated me and wished she never met me. So now that I lost most of my friends, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands, and now I have a lot of unanswered questions. Like, what else can we do with telepathy? How many more doors can we open with it? Are we able to communicate with any animal with it? What things can help me learn it? How is it able to start?
    Well.. I’m glad I got that off my chest, if any of you can help me, please help me figure this out!

  47. Hello; have I got a story for you, it’s more like a nightmare. I was sleeping on the couch one night but lying awake and something happened to me. I don’t know what but I was under a lot of stress because I had been having these weird thoughts and severe anxiety. I don’t know how to explain what I can do but I am the only onr in the world that can do it, that I know of. I can manipulate sounds into sentences and words. All my thoughts are out in the open; I’m stuck I have no peace of mind. I need help I’m stuck in a nightmare. I opened something up in my mind or somewhere and I don’t know how to stop it. It’s totally ruinrd my life; when I go outside the cars and noise people can hear my thoughts. When I walk or am around oeople they hear me. Please help me; I want to go back to my old life or at least shut this off. But I am telepathic also. I also see spirits and I also have vivid dreams like the other night I had a dream with someone else in it that was doing the same thing I can do. Please help me.

  48. I have the EXACT SAME THINGS! Like “thought broadcast” and “image manefestation” while also being able to communicate to live broadcast of television and radio “electrotelepathy” it seems like a blessing and a curse! Its a form of telepathy. Good luck on your journey. Never being able to keep a thought or idea to yourself gets difficult, but it gets better over time.

  49. I have been having lots of strange stuff happening and it’s nice to know it may just be the telepathy thing majig. I don’t know how, I just know things, like this guy I super likes last year and he never told me or wore anything that may give off any hints he had an interest in NASCAR stuff but I had a dream, my gut feeling told me more, and I just knew and the next day we talked a short conversation (We never talked often) and he revealed how he sort of liked racing and NASCAR so it was a little creepy. I usually know when someone is about to text or texted, when I’m gonna start my period, when something bad or strange is gonna happen, who I can trust and not trust, I can easily tell people’s emotions and what they like, often have headaches (I drink lots of water) and have Deja vu often too along with sort of vivid dreams that reveal useful information. My parents have good intuition as well so there’s that but I still have had so many way strange and freaky coincidences that may all be summed up by this.

  50. I have started to believe that I could be “psychic” but I’m not sure if that is a good word for it, many family members seem to be slightly psychic and we have discussed our strange experiences openly, my aunt claims she once accidentally read a man’s mind, clear as a bell, she thought he had said it out loud so she answered him, but he confirmed that he hadn’t said anything and looked pretty freaked out. I have always been extremely intuitive, my mom told me. I feel someone else’s anger, sadness, fear when I have no reason to feel that way. I feel charged up and shaky in crowds, my face tingles, my head throbs. I cannot work in customer service (but dang it I try because I need dat green holla), by the end of the day I become drained and exhausted. When I worked at a psych clinic I could only bear a few months, I could feel their sorrow so deeply that more than once I was close to tears (not very professional), when I was happy seconds before.

    I don’t want to come off as crazy or delusional, I have depression and anxiety so I don’t want to rule it out; hey, these feelings COULD be my own and I’m just being silly. But I am sensitive to everything, touch, SOUND, emotions, light. Sometimes I get a high pitched tone in my ear? I have considered it being simple tinnitus but I am able to will it away in seconds because it’s annoying.

    There have been times when my two best friends in High School had noticed strange things. When I would know their thoughts or I would text them, asking if something was wrong on many occasions and they confirm it, for example, her mother was in a car accident, health issues, etc. I have never been wrong, it is a gut feeling of impending doom, but I never know what is coming. Years ago after I told then my “ESP? spiel with a “Pls don’t think I’m crazy” they seemed convinced “You just know things.” they’d say, and then they asked me to tell them when I felt that something bad will happen. And I’d say “sure but btw I never know what is coming so good luck.” But now I keep things like this to myself, people could doubt me and what if I was ever wrong? I could mess up things real fast

    Too often an idea enters my mind and before I vocalize it the person standing next to me says it out loud. I noticed that I am able to sense others that are close to me like family and friends more easily. Then there’s little things, occasionally knowing when someone will text or call, I once just randomly sang supercalifragilisticexpealidocious in the school hallways and the song plays on the intercom a second later. I ask an old friend that if he ever needed a roommate in the future, contact me plsthnx. “Yes” he replies right away, “seriously just yesterday we were looking at a great apartment but we needed one more person for it.” Could be a coincidence, truly, I am a skeptical person. I always need the facts, proof, so stuff like this is not in my comfort zone, though it fascinates me.

  51. So the other day I was at the hardware store with my daughter. We purchased a bag of circus peanuts for a snack. My daughter took one bite and said ” yuck I don’t like this daddy , here you can have. Becuz it was slobbery and mashed I was going to toss it on the ground. She said no daddy don’t throw it on the ground. So I knelt beside her and said. ” it’ll be ok, a bird is going to eat it.” So as I pulled my arm back to toss it a bird swooped down from the roof top picked a piece of circus peanut up and flew off. I greatly appreciate daily simplicity.
    Note: people like us are more susceptible to the Lucifer and his dumb trickster helpers. We need to fight them

  52. I think i have telepathy when i heared my brother begin to sing the song that’s in my head… so i was shocked and now i’m on the internet looking if i’m an ESP LOL and i found this, i got these 10 signs so i’m scared lol…

  53. Hii at the middle 2016 i started to hear another voices.Firstly i was thinking that was becaouse my increased hearing skills,but now i can tell diference.Sometimes i put my self in different places and acts and i think other people see it.Ussaly people often thell me im crazy but i know im not, is it wrong to be different? I turnedyself to God and I met friends trough weed and now i stopped smoking becaouse i started following God wills.Now I met a new friends and tnx to you Im not afraid.Im hypie(one love one hart one way-Bob Marley showing three fingers and say that at his concert) and Im so relaxed,but honestly im afraid of people.People hurt me a lot and i think thei set up my life.This is first time that i pick up guts and said official on the Internet that Im telepathic.Can you please check up my life and see if im right? I know that i hearing other voices and I know that something is happening amd i know its a telepathy but i need a proof from expert,so thats why i contact you.Soory for grammar wrongs Im from Croatia.My name is Martin and last name Petričko Id number 05197596505. If you have a time please search my life(im 20 years old) and tell me what is it with that voices and visions thank you

  54. Recently I have experienced times where I feel like I know what is going to happen in the near future. Not quite exact, but I have found that when I follow “my gut” feelings, things always turn out alright. I have also noticed that my dreams occur in the same setting as if it’s a whole separate dream world in which I come in contact with my deceased dog. My most recent dream with her was one where i was seeing things that no one else was as if i was going crazy. I do not remember the exact things I saw, but I do remember thinking that they had some significance in my life (Like my old dog). Maybe someone could shed some light on what these mean?

  55. Each Time I want to find something that is metallic I feel some sort of weird Energy on my fingers pulling me to something else perhaps when I close my eyes i see something looking back at me, like an eye with blue and green colors.

  56. I get these sudden headaches. Not knowing why. i notice frequently. i then find out that my mother has spoken with my sister who is very jealous of me. am i getting telepathic messages letting me know that I’m being talked about behind my back? i started a journal about when my headaches occur. before the headaches appear i start to feel off balanced and depressed.
    I’d like to learn more about this.

  57. I have had out of body experiences since childhood. I have not shared this with anyone. As my life has gone on, they are less but other things have come to the forefront. There are faces of people I don’t know that come to me. They are talking, but I cannot hear what they say. There mouths are moving but there is no sound. Some remain calm. Some are crying. Some seem happy and peaceful. Some seem enraged. All ages, all genders, all races. Children to elderly. One youngish man, mid 30s screaming and moving at such a pace is body convulsing so quickly it appeared in multiple places at once. A small Asian child, beautiful full face with a single tear. An aged Native American man. Golden weathered skin from the sun in a tattered straw cowboy hat, plaid shirt. He smiled and all the wrinkles in face became more pronounced. I felt the warmth of the sun before he disappeared. Some faces extremely close up, some far away. I’ve gone online to see what might be discussed. I’m not nor ever have taken any drugs. They are not visions from a past drug life. I do have mild migraines. I take over the counter med like Execdrin to often calm the headache. I do drink, but not excessively I’m afraid to tell my doctor for fear he may think I’m crazy and I don’t want this information on my medical record. These faces just appear. I cannot control when they show up. I’ve tried to be aware of any circumstances that might trigger them, but I have yet to establish one. They began just before family became sick. My older sister, my father, my younger sister and then my mother. They all died within months of each other in one year. It was stressful, but as I stated, the faces began before I knew they each had their own form of cancer. . It has been three years since my family died. The faces still appear, but when they begin, I noticed I could force them out by denying permission to be come. I see the images forming but fade before they fully come into focus. My husband and grown children do not know. I’d like to know if anyone out there has heard or experienced something like this or just like this? I’ve read articles on Chakra and third eye. I’m not familiar with this way of meditation and not sure if this is something that is chemical in my brain or metaphysical, outside myself. I’m not comfortable leaving my name. But thank you for any insight that anyone may have. Yes, I have considered a mental illness, which I don’t seem to fit the profiles of schizophrenic or sociopathic. I have experienced so much more, too many to mention.. Things I know that have happened, but not being able to share with close friends or family and the inability to find answers leaves me depressed and feeling isolated.

  58. All my life, from the age of four, I was a highly-sensitive child and had dreams that would actually occur the next day. Then, in 1981, during an emergency cesarean with my baby coming two months early, my heart stopped for two minutes and I experienced a “death experience.” I was fully cognizant and lucid, but still not breathing nor had a pulse. While my drs worked to get my heart started, I felt a strong but painless intense pressure as though I was being made smaller and smaller and suddenly I felt as though I was squeezed through a straw. I kept wondering where the drs were, where my baby was and why they put me in this unfamiliar place. Not once did I know nor think I was dead. Suddenly, a silver white lightening-like light appeared to my left and spoke ” look forward” I kept trying to look at this electric silver light, but it was blinding me and again I heard “look forward.” I did, and although I saw no people….. I saw another dimension or heaven to many people. It was a vista of unparalleled beauty and a compilation of every beautiful thing ever seen on this earth. The electric silver light beside communicated with me without speaking audibly. I just understood it. I wanted to know where I was and where my baby was and I “heard” “You are stable now and will know what has happened.” I woke up in ICU and heard I had ” bled out” from a ruptured uterus and my heart stopped from blood loss but I was stable and my 3.9 lb baby boy was in NICU. That was 36 years ago and that son I live 6,000 miles apart, but I can communicate with him telepathically and am writing a book about it. I do not understand everything that happened, but I learned our bodies die but our thoughts, spirit, etc doesn’t. And furthermore, death is not scary or painful.

  59. I have been in real telepathic communication with my wife, there are several cases but one of them was once when we arguing of one things that i really dont like, the problem is that she was mad to me because he said i told her about this a few minute ago and i insisted that i never told her anything or did i speak anything no!. Then all of sudden this word come out from my mouth saying ” Wait ! i think u heard it from my mind because i have a thought about that right before you yelled at me!” then she was like a bit curious but she then believed me, and i hugged my wife after that…this is the truth, and guess what i also heard her voice inside my head several times in which she confirmed that she’d called me or have that thought to me…so i wonder does it mean that we both has the talent of telepathy or it just caused because of deep connection between she and me…but it seems to happen a lot when we both together ….how about far distance..i dont know..;)

    1. The same thing happens to me I can hear my boyfriends thoughts. And their mean ..but I don’t know if he can hear me because I answer back in my mind I never asked him this weird what this call

  60. Hi everybody i consider myself a star child with a normal size head lol i have a partner incarcerated and he explains to me i make his cell rumble and i be there with him vividly i believe this cause i feel same way others say im a schizophrenic and not true at all because doctors dont agree lol but i do know if u feel u can connect than connect n move to another level our world isnt reality it matrix our souls are the real reality so feed the soul

  61. Everyone who knows me says I’m smart. Or thinks I’m smart. I think My story starts with sign number 1. And now I’m related to 6 out of 10 of these signs.

    When I was a kid about 7 or 8ish, I experienced a tingling sensation between my eyebrows didn’t know what was happening. And didn’t think much of it.

    Nowadays It seems as if I know what people know about me and or have said about me. And it turns out that I’m right. And no one needs to tell me anything about anything that people talk about when talking about me. I just know somehow.

    And Now. I believe whatever my gift I have is strong and powerful. More to my story.
    I can sense a person coming up from behind me, and it will freak them out because I’ll quickly dart my head like whiplash in the direction where they are at. Or directly behind me. And I’ll see something in the corner of my eye and dart my head same way whiplash.

    I have a stalker, someone who I want to date, and a cyber criminal. And I can feel what my cyber criminal is doing to me. I can feel that something doesn’t feel right. And I know when he does what he does. And I know when he stops. Because I can feel it when he does what he does. And not get that feeling when he’s not doing what he does. I don’t know how I can feel something or things that just don’t seem right. And it can be anything. I just can. Also, I know who my cyber criminal is. It’s a matter of being able to have him stopped. I know who it is. But I have no proof.

    My stalker drives by my house every day. And before I see her drive by in one of 15 different vehicles. (yeah, she has that many. Don’t know how one can have that many vehicles). I’ll get this feeling, and picture in my head and it’s like it’s telling me that she’s coming. Then I’ll see her 5 minutes later, driving by. She also sends people to spy on me at my job for her so they can tell her ‘yeah he’s here.’ And those people I can also feel them coming. And it seems that I know the difference between a customer and a customer who was sent to spy on me for my stalker. I’ll laugh at them now because I know they were sent to spy on me for my stalker. And it freaks them out. Also, I’ll see them go on their phones and something tells me that I know who they are sending a text to or making a call to. Because they will stop and chuckle smile while texting. And then it seems as if I know who they are texting and or making a call to. Because one customer I saw looked at me. Started to walk away, pulled out their phone and made a call. And I heard the customer say ‘yeah, he’s here.’ That’s all I heard.

    Now about the person who I want to date. Everything the same as my stalker, minus the driving by because she doesn’t know where I live. Yet! If she did, she’d drive by too. I know she would. But one thing different. I overheard a couple of customers say the person I want to date, first and last name. But that’s all I heard about that conversation.

    Apparently, I also have a photographic memory. I know more faces than names. If you send the same person more than once to spy on me. I’ll know because I’ll remember them from the time before. And when no one is there to spy on me for someone. I won’t feel anything like I’m gonna be spied on. That’s that part.

    I had a dream, more than once. Where a tornado was about to hit my house. And I woke up like it was a nightmare just before it hit my house. Like a year later. A tornado really did occur known as a skipper went right over my house, and didn’t touch back down until like 3 blocks after it hit. Just recently I had another such dream. No tornado this time. It was a straight line wind storm event, known as a Derecho, but that hasn’t come true yet.

  62. Another thing is a coincidence. Or something supernatural. Which one? I met a college coach one summer. A coach for the college of my dreams. And later that Fall. That Coach won his first team National Title. Then later that Winter won another National Title. Then come Spring Won another Team National Title. He won 3 National Titles in the same school year. Cross Country, Indoor Track and Field, Outdoor Track and Field. Then the following school year won 2 more NT Indoor and Outdoor TF. Then the next school year that Fall won another NT Cross Country. In 3 years of knowing the Coach. He won 6 Team National Titles. 7 years since I met him. Won 9 Team National Titles. And 5 out of the last 7 Cross Country National Titles. And before the first school year ended everyone in his program all knew and knows who I am. And still, to this day, everyone in his program knows me. And him & I talked about it. And he said. ‘Not a bad coincidence’.

  63. Sometimes I can talk to the world. Like I can connect with everyone and make the whole world connect at the same time. And some people don’t like it. Sometimes I try to say bad things to others in the hope that they will come and confront me and tell me that I am not mad but no one approaches me. At first, I thought that I was only connecting with nature (plants, animal) but later I realized that humans are also part of it! I am tired of the negativity. I can make that negativity go away but then It feels like I am plundering them of their free will. What should I do? You are the only people who can help. Is there any way to disconnect with humans but not other things?

  64. Right before my brother committed suicide, I had this feelings of overwhelm and began asking myself what the point of life is? I kept asking myself where the feelings were coming from because they were so random. They just appeared from nowhere because at the time I was not going through circumstances that would lead me to ask such a question. I later started to get a very anxious feeling in my spirit days before his death and the day he died, those feelings and even the questions disappeared. I stopped feeling them anymore.

  65. When I was little probably 8-10 years old I use to have this dream. It was me, my dad, my twin sister and my mom. In the dream my dad was running well carrying my mom across his arms and had me on his back and my twin running beside him, I never saw where we were running to but we were running because my mom was hurt. Every time I had this dream I would wake up crying and I would go to my mom. She would always ask me what the dream was about but I never wanted to tell her eventually one night I told her and she said it was just a bad dream she’s fine and nothing is gonna happen to her. After I told her I don’t remember having the dream anymore or st least not as much and eventually it completely stopped. Then years later i had just turned 18 a few months ago and my mom gets in a car accident and she dies me. Me and my twin sister got our own apartment a month after and my dad started being around more to help us. It’s like my dreams tell me what’s going to happen. Another example is i was seeing this guy who was out of town for While getting cancer treatment he never told me who he was with but one night I had a dream it was my mom telling me to follow her inside my sisters house. A lot of people were there and when we got inside my mom points to the corner and tells me to look, so I look and it’s the guy I was seeing and his ex wife. And I looked back at my mom and said what she pointed and said look. I looked again and she said he’s with her. The next day well I was chatting with him online I asked him who he was with and he hesitated but then said he was with his ex wife but online because she has his son and he wanted his son around him. Is there a reason why I have these dreams ?

  66. Someone answer my question if you know, why in most of my dreams I am know starting to hear lots of ringing and a strong throbbing in my third eye but it is mostly in my dream I do experience some things outside my dream state I am just mostly wondering about the dream?

  67. As a young child, I would have dreams of snakes sitting on my house gate or on a fence. On the day that the snake appears, I would walk trance-like and point out to my parents the exact spot seen in my dream, even if I could not see the snake from where I stood.
    As an adult, triggered by my mum suffering from cancer, I started to receive messages of death coming for a person. First, it was my mum, where the message was “This will be her last Christmas.” And another, “This will be her last Mother’s Day.” And on the last day before she lost consciousness, the message was “Speak no more.”
    After she died, the death messages came for others. One was a colleague, where a high-pitch ringing and trance-like brightness surrounded him when I saw him for the last time, 2 weeks before he met a fatal accident. Death messages also came for strangers whom I walk past on streets. The sensation of finality would come, accompanied by images of very high walls that seemed to indicate the end of a road.

  68. I have the ringing in my ear as well it happens every once in a while like last night, but today I took a nap and as I was sleep I heard someone tell me that they were getting out of jail this year and I said okay and then I woke up. it sounded like my other half, I don’t think it was a dream because it didn’t feel like a dream so did we just subconsciously communicate through our minds?.

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